Mohammadieh railway station

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Mohammadieh Railway Station
ايستگاه راه آهن محمدیه
Location Qom, Qom
Coordinates 34°33′31″N 51°02′54″E / 34.5587298°N 51.0482365°E / 34.5587298; 51.0482365Coordinates: 34°33′31″N 51°02′54″E / 34.5587298°N 51.0482365°E / 34.5587298; 51.0482365
Connections BSicon BUS.svg Shuttle bus to Qom Station

Mohammadieh railway station (Persian:ايستگاه راه آهن محمدیه, Istgah-e Rah Ahan-e Mohammadieh) is located in Qom, Qom Province. The station is owned by IRI Railway. In order to shorten travel time on passing longer distance trains, most services serving Qom railway station in the city centre were moved to this station located on Qom bypass rail line.

Service summary

Note: Classifications are unofficial and only to best reflect the type of service offered on each path
Meaning of Classifications:

  • Local Service: Services originating from a major city, and running outwards, with stops at all stations
  • Regional Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at almost all stations
  • InterRegio Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major and some minor stations
  • InterRegio-Express Service:Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major stations
  • InterCity Service: Services connecting two (or more) major centres, with no stops in between, with the sole purpose of connecting said centres.

Preceding station   Tehran Commuter Railway   Following station
toward Tehran
Tehran - Jamkaran
Preceding station   IRI Railway   Following station
Tehran - Bandarabbas
InterRegio Service
toward Bandarabbas
Tehran - Bandarabbas
toward Bandarabbas
Tehran - Shiraz
InterRegio Service
toward Shiraz
Tehran - Yazd
InterRegio Service
toward Yazd



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