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This is a partial list of the modern equipment of the Irish Army, the land component of the Irish Defence Forces.


While the Army Ranger Wing has access to a wider variety of specialist weapons, the modern weapons in use within the Irish Army includes the following:

Name Origin Type Caliber Photo Notes
Assault rifle
Steyr AUG  Austria Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm Steyr-AUG.jpeg The Steyr AUG is the Defence Force's standard service rifle. It entered service in 1989 and is in use with all units of the Defence Forces.[1] Operational units are issued an enhanced rifle fitted with an ACOG 4x32 optical sight starting to enter service in late 2014, known as the Model 14 or MOD 14.
Heckler & Koch USP  Germany Semi-automatic Pistol 9×19mm HK USP 9mm Pragl.jpg The USP entered service in 2007 as the Defence Force's standard service pistol.[2]
Sniper rifle
Accuracy International 92  United Kingdom Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm (.308) Accuracy International AW.png The AI 92 Sniper Rifle entered Irish Army service in 1992.[1]
Accuracy International AWM  United Kingdom Sniper rifle 8.6×70mm (.338) L115A3 sniper rifle.jpg The AWM entered service in 2011. The Irish Army version is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum round.[3]
FN FAL  Belgium Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm The FN FAL was previously the standard service rifle for the Defence Forces. Older FAL rifles were upgraded with an adjustable butt stock, Picatinny-style rail hand guard, a bipod, and a Schmidt & Bender sight for use as sniper support weapons.[3]
Machine gun
FN MAG  Belgium Machine gun 7.62×51mm Irish Defence Forces GPMG (4815975558).jpg The FN MAG entered service in 1964 with the Defence Forces and is in use with all service branches and a number of Army Corps. It is deployed both with bipod or in a sustained fire (SF) role mounted on a tripod by the Infantry. Both the Infantry and Cavalry use the MAG mounted on its armoured vehicles and the Infantry and Artillery use it in the air defense role.[1]
M2 Browning .5 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)  United States/ Belgium Machine gun 12.7×99mm (.50) Machine gun M2 1.jpg The M2 Heavy Machine Gun entered service in the 1970s. It is in use with all service branches and a number of Army Corps. The Infantry use it in the sustained fire role, air defense role and mounted on its MOWAG APCs. The Artillery use it in the air defense role and the Cavalry use it mounted on its armoured vehicles.[1]
Mecar M72 HE Grenade  Belgium Fragmentation hand grenade n/a M72 Frag Grenade.jpg
Grenade launcher
Diemaco M203 grenade launcher  Canada Grenade launcher 40×46mm PEO M203A2 Grenade Launcher.jpg The M203 is in use with the Defence Forces. It is mounted to the Steyr AUG rifle and employs its own separate sighting and trigger mechanism.[1]
Heckler & Koch GMG  Germany Grenade launcher 40×53mm Irish Army Grenade launcher (4109942104).jpg Used by the Cavalry and Army Ranger Wing mounted on vehicles.
Anti-tank weapon
AT4 Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon (SRAAW)  Sweden Anti-tank Weapon 84 mm AT-4Launcher.jpeg The AT4 entered service in 1997. The SRAAW is a recoilless, preloaded disposable weapon.[1]
Carl Gustav 84mm Anti-Armour Weapon  Sweden Anti-tank Weapon 84 mm M3E1.jpg The Carl Gustav 84mm is a recoilless, breech-loaded anti-armour weapon.[1]
Javelin Anti-tank guided weapon  United States Anti-tank Weapon 127 mm FGM-148 Javelin (5160721562).jpg The Javelin is a fire-and-forget anti-armour weapon system and entered service in 2003.[4]
Denel Vektor M1 60mm Mortar  South Africa Mortar 60 mm The Vektor 60mm Mortar entered service in 2003 with the Infantry. The 60mm mortar can also be fired in a commando role by removing the bipod and baseplate and fitting a special small baseplate and attaching sighting unit/handgrip.[1]
Hotchkiss Brandt 81mm Mortar  France Mortar 81 mm Mortier 81 LLR 01.jpg The 81mm Mortar uses the C2 AI Sight Unit and a Morfire Fire Control Computer.[1]
Ruag M87 120mm Mortar   Switzerland Mortar 120 mm The Arty School exercising both a Young Officers course and an Artillery Standard NCO cse Live Firing Day and night shoot 04 (16324294293).jpg Used by Artillery Regiments heavy mortar batteries.
Mk44 Bushmaster II  United States Autocannon 30×173mm Cav Shoot Glen of Imaal (11797883296).jpg Fitted to Cavalry Mowag Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle's (MRV).
Tank gun
L23A1  United Kingdom Tank Gun 76 mm Fitted to Cavalry FV101 Scorpion.
105mm L118 light gun  United Kingdom Howitzer 105 mm Irish Army 105mm Light Gun Shoot RDF (15) (4110022946).jpg Along with the L119, these are used as the primary artillery support weapon (total of 24 guns of the two variants)
105mm L119 light gun  United Kingdom Howitzer 105 mm Along with the L118, these are used as the primary artillery support weapon (total of 24 guns of the two variants)
Ordnance QF 25-pounder  United Kingdom Field gun 87.6 mm 25 Pounder Gun.JPG Only used for ceremonial gun salutes.
RBS-70 Missile system  Sweden Man-portable air-defense systems 106 mm RBS70.jpg A number of launchers and a simulator were acquired in 1981. Upgraded in 2006 and "dozens" upgraded in 2014 for €4.4 million to include deliveries of improved firing units, new simulators, night vision equipment and associated weapons support.[5]
Bofors EL-70[6]  Sweden Air defence gun. 40 mm Irish Army Bofors Gun getting ready (4746227784).jpg Bofors air defence gun.[5] A number were acquired in the late 1950s, with several dozen purchased in 2002.
Army Ranger Wing (special forces)
SIG Sauer P226   Switzerland Semi-automatic Pistol 9×19mm SIG Sauer P226 neu.jpg
Benelli M4  Italy Semi-automatic Shotgun 12 gauge Benelli m4 2.jpg
Steyr AUG A2  Austria Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm AUG A2 407mm klein 03.jpg
Steyr AUG A3  Austria Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm Steyr AUG A3.jpg
Heckler & Koch HK416  Germany Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm HK416.jpg
FN Minimi Para  Belgium Machine gun 5.56×45mm Minimi.jpg
Heckler & Koch MP5  Germany Submachine Gun 9×19mm MP5.jpg
Heckler & Koch HK417  Germany Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm HK 417 (7029721321).jpg
Accuracy International AW50  United Kingdom Anti-materiel rifle 12.7×99mm (.50) AW50.png


This is a partial list of the modern vehicles in use within the Irish Army.

Name Origin Type Number Image Notes
Armoured fighting vehicle
Mowag Piranha IIIH[7]   Switzerland Armoured Personnel Carrier
Armoured reconnaissance vehicle
80[8][9] Mowags on Patrol in KFOR (4422990500).jpg * 45 APC's armed with 12.7mm machine gun & co-ax 7.62mm machine gun
* 8 Command Vehicles armed with 12.7mm machine gun & co-ax 7.62mm machine gun
* 2 Ambulances
* 1 Recovery Vehicle
* 18 Close Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) armed with the 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm grenade machine gun in a Kongsberg Protector (RWS)
* 6 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicles (MRV) armed with Mk44 Bushmaster II 30mm autocannon
(9 APC's were converted to CRV's in 2014–2015)[10]
RG-32M Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)[11][12]  South Africa Light Tactical Armoured Vehicle (LTAV) 27[11] Irish Army RG-32M Light Tactical Armoured Vehicle LTAV (4520429843).jpg Armed with pintle-mounted 7.62mm machine gun or Kongsberg Protector RWS with the 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm grenade machine gun.
Scorpion CVR(T)[13]  United Kingdom Tracked reconnaissance vehicle 14[14] Scorpion CRVT (4120179150).jpg As of May 2005, there were 14 Scorpion vehicles, each armed with a 76mm gun,[14] and a co-ax 7.62mm machine gun.[13]
Special operations forces
Ford F350 SRV  United States Special reconnaissance vehicle (SRV) 12[15] Irish Army Ranger Wing Ford Special Recon Vehicle in Chad (4109830420).jpg Used by Army Ranger Wing as a special reconnaissance vehicle for Long-range reconnaissance patrols (LRRP). Left hand drive.
ACMAT VLRA  France Long range special reconnaissance 3[15] Irish Army Ranger Wing ACMAT VLRA 1.jpg Used by ARW as a 'mothership' to resupply Ford F-350 SRV.
General service vehicle
Mitsubishi Pajero  Japan Off-road vehicle Irish Army New Pajero (4184292173).jpg 32 Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles are fitted for radio (FFR) - VHF.[16]
Nissan Patrol[17]  Japan Off-road vehicle The Defence Forces maintains a small fleet of 'discreet' armoured SUVs for high-risk and IED-threat missions.[18]
Ford Ranger  United States Off-road vehicle. Left hand drive.
Isuzu D-Max  Japan Off-road vehicle
Land Rover Defender  United Kingdom Off-road vehicle Lt Gen Dermot Earley DSM RIP Funeral (4743363678).jpg Field ambulances and funeral gun carriage tractor.
Troop carrying vehicle
Scania R 420 6x6[19]  Sweden Troop carrying vehicle Irish Army - Equipment loading prior to departure to Chad (4109933072).jpg As of March 2017, there were more than 100 Scania trucks (of various types) in service with the Irish armed forces.[20]
Scania R 420 8x4[21]  Sweden Miscellaneous 2
Iveco EuroCargo 4x4[22][23]  Italy Troop carrying vehicle
EOD Duro II   Switzerland Tactical military lorry (truck) Duro3 MSPO2004.jpg
Mercedes-Benz 1117 4x4[23]  Germany Troop carrying vehicle 60
Leyland DAF T244 4x4  United Kingdom Artillery gun tractor and Troop carrying vehicle 55 Irish army truck.jpg
Ford Transit Minibus  United States Minibus THE EASTER SUNDAY PARADE - THE MAIN EVENT IN DUBLIN (CELEBRATING THE EASTER 1916 RISING)-112857 (25468172653).jpg
Scania P124CB 8x8 DROPS[24]  Sweden DROPS truck Nordic Battle Group (5187692598).jpg
Iveco Astra M320.42 W BAD 8x8 DROPS  Italy DROPS truck Irish Army Iveco Astra M 320E D Trackway Variant (4703540529).jpg One fitted with an EKALIFT 2500 recovery body.
Air defence/radar
Bandvagn 206  Sweden Air defence support role 7 THE EASTER SUNDAY PARADE - SOME MILITARY HARDWARE USED BY THE IRISH ARMY (CELEBRATING THE EASTER 1916 RISING)-112962 (26046308406).jpg Fitted with Saab GIRAFFE Mk IV radars for search & track for RBS 70 MANPADS missile system.
Flycatcher (KL/MSS-6720)  Netherlands Air defence radar 8 Flycatcher in camouflagekleuren opgesteld op een vliegbasis in Nederland, 1991.jpg Each Flycatcher radar system controls 3 Bofors 40 mm guns.[25]
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Aardvark MK4  United Kingdom Mine flail Aardvark demining vehicle.JPEG
DOK-ING MV-4  Croatia Remote mine flail 2 Interpolitex 2013 (534-38).jpg Tracked remote control mini flail
Mowag Duro III   Switzerland Explosive Ordnance Disposal vehicle Duro3 MSPO2004.jpg Armoured and unarmoured variants
MAN HX60[10]  Germany Armoured EOD trucks British Army HX60.JPG
Unmanned aerial vehicle
Aeronautics Orbiter UAV  Israel Miniature UAV 14[26] Nordic Battle Group ISTAR Training (5014812226).jpg Used by Artillery Corps. Two systems were acquired in 2006 each system has 3 Orbiter UAV's. Two were destroyed in crashes and one was lost and never recovered. €2m was spent on 12 new UAVs in 2016/17.

Defence Forces aircraft

Note: All Irish Aircraft are operated by the Irish Air Corps. Main article: List of aircraft of the Irish Air Corps
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Maritime patrol
CASA CN-235 Spain maritime patrol MPA 100 2[27]
Learjet 45 United States VIP / air ambulance 1[28]
Britten-Norman Defender United Kingdom police air support Defender 4000 1[27] flown for the Garda Air Support Unit (GASU)[29]
Cessna Reims FR172 H France surveillance / utility 5[30] based on the Cessna 172[31]
AgustaWestland AW139 Italy utility 6[27]
Eurocopter EC135 France utility EC135 P2+/T2 4[27] two P2+s are flown for military purposes,[32] with two T2s for the GASU[33]
Pilatus PC-9 Switzerland advanced trainer / CAS PC-9M 8[27][34] armament option include heavy machine gun or rocket pods.[35][36]


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