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Mitchell Symons
Born (1957-02-11) 11 February 1957 (age 62)
London, England
Nationality British
Spouse Penny

Mitchell Symons (born 11 February 1957) is a British journalist and writer. Born in London, he was educated at Mill Hill School and the LSE where he studied Law. Since leaving the BBC, where he was a researcher and director, he has worked as a writer, broadcaster and journalist. He was a principal writer for the early UK editions of the board game Trivial Pursuit, and has devised many television formats. He wrote an award-winning opinion column for the Daily Express.[1]

He and his wife Penny Symons have two sons, Jack and Charles.


  • 2010 Blue Peter Book Awards Best Book with Facts, Why Eating Bogeys Is Good For You[2]
  • 2011 Blue Peter Book Awards Best Book with Facts, Do Igloos Have Loos?[3]

Published books


  • All In
  • The Lot
  • No Red Light Shining


  • Why Girls Can't Throw (and Other Questions You Always Wanted Answered)[4]
  • That Book
  • This Book of More Perfectly Useless Information
  • The Other Book of the Most Perfectly Useless Information
  • This, That and the Other (Compilation of That Book, This Book and the Other Book). Later re-released as The Ultimate Loo Book
  • Forfeit!
  • The Equation Book of Sports Crosswords
  • The Equation Book of Movie Crosswords
  • The You Magazine Book Of Journalists (four books, co-author)
  • Movielists (co-author)
  • The Sunday Magazine Book Of Crosswords
  • The Hello! Magazine Book Of Crosswords (three books)
  • How To Be Fat: The Chip and Fry Diet (co-author)
  • The Book of Criminal Records
  • The Book of Lists
  • The Book of Celebrity Lists
  • The Book of Celebrity Sex Lists
  • National Lottery Big Draw 2000 (co-author)
  • How to Avoid a Wombat's Bum
  • The Sudoku Institute Book
  • How To Speak Celebrity
  • Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?
  • Why Eating Bogeys Is Good For You
  • Don't Get Me Started: A Way-Beyond-Grumpy Rant About Modern Life[5]
  • How Much Poo Does An Elephant Do?
  • Why Do Farts Smell Like Rotten Eggs?
  • Why Does Ear Wax Taste So Gross?[citation needed]
  • Mitchell Symons Diary 2010
  • Why You Need A Passport When You're Going To Puke[6]
  • Do Igloos Have Loos?
  • On Your Farts, Get Set, Go!
  • Don't Wipe Your Bum With A Hedgehog
  • The Book of Poker Calls (co-author)
  • Desert Island Discs: Flotsam & Jetsam
  • The Bumper Book For The Loo
  • Why Spacemen Can't Burp
  • Numberland
  • Happily Never After: Modern Cautionary Tales
  • Why Don't You Smell When You're Sleeping?
  • There Are Tittles In This Title
  • The World In Numbers Calendar 2017
  • The World In Numbers Calendar 2018


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