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Mir Madan Khan
Mirmadan's Tomb.jpg
Mir Madan's tomb
Born ?
Died 23 June 1757
Buried Farid Khan's Dargah, Faridpur, Murshidabad District, India
Religion Islam

Mir Madan Khan (? - June 23, 1757) was one of the most trusted officer and chief of the artillery of Nawab Siraj Ud Dowla. He died in the Battle of Plassey.[1][2][3]

Early life

At first, Mir Madan worked in Dhaka under Hossain Kuli Khan's nephew, Hasan-Uddin Khan. Nawab Alivardi Khan preferred him due to his good performance, trustworthiness, and brought him in Murshidabad. Here, he got the title of 'Bakshi' (Paymaster of the army). Subsequently, he occupied the post of Chief Artillery in Nawab Siraj-Ud-Doula's army.[1]


On 23 June 1757, in the infamous Battle of Plassey, Mir Madan and Diwan Mohanlal fought for the Nawab whereas Commander-in-chief Mir Jafar and others remained standstill. In fact, Madan's troop caused a serious pressure on the force of the East India Company. At 2 pm on that very day, he was mortally wounded by a British cannonball and died. His two fellow figters, Nawe Singh Hajari and Bahadur Khan, also died.[1]

ASI display board of Tomb of Mir Madan


Some cadres of his troop buried him secretly in Faridpur village, Murshidabad district (P.S. Rejinagar) near the Palashi battlefield. This place is known as Farid Shah's Dargah (Mosque). At present, his tomb is under supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India.[4][5]


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