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Mio Technology Ltd
Founded 2002
Website www.mio.com

Mio Technology develops and markets GPS navigation mobile system services. The brand was established in May 2002 and now has operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Mio currently employees 1,200+ employees worldwide and sells and markets its products in over 56 countries and territories.

Mio: Product Line

  • Car Navigation:
    • C220, C230, C317,C320, C520, C620 C720, C323, C325, C523, C525, C728. Moov 200/210, Moov 300/310, Moov 330, Moov 360/370, Moov 380, Moov 500, Moov 510, Moov 560, Moov 580
    • Mio Moov 580: Features a 4.7" touchscreen and the latest version of MioMap 2008.
  • GPS Phones:
    • A702, A501, A502, Leap K1, Leap G50
    • Mio Leap K1: The world’s first dual-screen Navigation Phone was awarded the 2009 iF Design Awards.
  • Handheld Navigation:
    • H610
    • Mio H610: Portable GPS navigation device.


  • 2009
    • Mio closes US offices and lays off all U.S. staff due to releasing the Knight Rider GPS sooner than they were permitted to by Universal. (Mio Technology stops producing GPS devices.)
  • 2008
    • Mio wins “Good Design Product” awards in Taiwan – (Nov 2008)
    • Mio wins two iF Design Awards 2009 – (Nov 2008)
    • Mio Technology corporation signs senior sponsorship deal with World Expo 2010 – (July 2008)
    • Mio announces the release of a Knight Rider-themed GPS unit for a price of $270. The unit has the original Knight Rider logo printed above the display and features the voice of William Daniels - (July 2008).[1]
    • Mio GPS enters the Indonesian market – ( Feb 2008)
    • Mio announces partnership with Qualcomm – (Jan 2008)[2]
    • Mio Technology merges brand with Navman – (Jan 2008)[3]
    • Mio refreshes its brand identity – (Jan 2008)
  • 2007
  • 2006
    • Mio DigiWalker launches a new range of products and major branding initiatives.
    • Mio maintains number three position for mobile GPS devices across EMEA (Canalys)
    • Mio is number one in PDA with GPS market (Canalys)
    • Mio wins one iF Design China Award for innovative industrial design
  • 2005
    • Launch of Mio DigiWalker 269, the first dedicated GPS with integrated hard drive.
    • Mio DigiWalker enters Australia, Japan, and the US.
    • Mio DigiWalker partners with Avis Rent-a-Car in South Korea to offer its customers in-car GPS for visits to Cheju Island.
    • Mio DigiWalker is again ranked the No. 1 handheld brand in South Korea and Taiwan.(Source: IDC)
    • Mio DigiWalker is ranked the No. 2 handheld maker in Europe. (Source: Canalys)
    • Mio DigiWalker ranks among the Top 5 handheld vendors in the world. (Source: IDC)
  • 2004
    • Mio DigiWalker enters European, Middle Eastern, and African markets and achieves a Top 5 ranking in the region within the first year.[4]
    • Mio DigiWalker is ranked the No. 1 handheld brand in South Korea and Taiwan. (Source: IDC)
  • 2003
    • Launch of Mio DigiWalker 168, the world's first PDA with integrated GPS in South Korea and Taiwan.
  • 2002
    • Mio Technology Limited establishes operations.


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