Ministry of Revolutionary Guards

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Ministry of Revolutionary Guards
Ministry overview
Formed November 1982[1]
Dissolved August 1989[2]
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Iran
Annual budget $700 million (1987)[1]
Parent department Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Ministry of Guards (Persian: وزارت سپاه‎, translit. Vezārat-e Sepāh) was a government ministry in Iran between 1982 and 1989,[3] which mainly acted as a ministry of defence dedicated to logistically supply the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.[1] By having its own ministry, the Corps were able to acquire a powerful voice in the cabinet of Iran.[4] It also implied greater regulation and supervision over the Corps by placing its acquisitions and purchases under and the audit and purview of the government.[1]

It mirrored the existing parallel Ministry of National Defence[4] (the word "National" was dropped in 1984) which solely supported and addressed the administrative affairs of the Iranian Army (Artesh) during these years.[2] In 1989, it was dissolved and reintegrated into the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL),[3] in order to centralize military logistics among the Iranian Armed Forces.[2]



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