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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mining
Concise Mining Encyclopaedia

The Mining Encyclopedia (Ukrainian: Гірнича енциклопедія) is a Ukrainian language comprehensive set of encyclopedias about the science and technology of mining. The encyclopedias were compiled by more than 100 of the leading earth scientists in Ukraine and overseas, headed by Volodymyr Biletskyy.[1]

The first installment of the project, the Explanatory Dictionary of Mining (Ukrainian: Тлумачний гірничий словник) was published in 1998 by the Donetsk National Technical University and is now available online.[2]

The second phase of the project involved the publication of the 3-volume Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mining (Ukrainian: Гірничий енциклопедичний словник) between 2001–2004. This set contains 12,700 encyclopedic articles.[1]

The third stage involved the publication of the 3-volume Concise Mining Encyclopaedia (Ukrainian: Мала гірнича енциклопедія) between 2004–2013. This comprehensive set contains 17,350 entries,[1][3] with numerous illustrations.[4] A valuable feature of the encyclopedia is that all entries are written simultaneously in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages.[1][5]

These encyclopedias are used as textbooks at the National Mining University of Ukraine.[6]

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