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Min Sekkya
King of Arakan
Reign 24 July 1564 – 7 February 1572
Predecessor Saw Hla
Successor Phalaung
Born c. May 1536
Friday, 898 ME
Died 7 February 1572 (aged 35)
Thursday, 8th waning of Tabodwe 933 ME[1]
Consort Dhamma Dewi
Saw Thanda
Father Dikkha
Mother Saw Kauk Ma[2]
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Min Sekkya (Burmese: မင်းစကြာ, [mɪ́ɴ sɛʔtɕà], Arakanese pronunciation: [máɴ sɔʔkɹà]; 1536–1572) was king of Arakan from 1564 to 1572. He succeeded his elder half-brother King Min Saw Hla, who had chosen him to be the heir apparent. The northern vassal of Tripura, which had submitted to Min Saw Hla, revolted and for a time, he lost control of Chittagong. He regained the city but his attempt to reassert control over Tripura was not successful. He continued the construction projects of his brother. He was married to his half-sister Dhamma Dewi but after she died, he married Saw Thanda, who had been queen of both his brother Min Saw Hla and his father Min Dikkha.[3] He died of natural causes in 1572, and was succeeded by his paternal uncle Min Phalaung.[1]


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Min Sekkya
Born: c. May 1536 Died: 7 February 1572
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Saw Hla
King of Mrauk-U
24 July 1564 – 7 February 1572
Succeeded by
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