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Atula Agga Maha Dewi
Min Khin Saw
အတုလအဂ္ဂ မဟာဒေဝီ မင်းခင်စော
Chief queen consort of Toungoo State
Tenure c. February 1597 – 11 August 1609
Coronation 21 March [O.S. 11 March] 1603
Predecessor new office
Successor vacant[note 1]
Chief vicereine of Toungoo
Tenure June 1584 – c. February 1597
Predecessor Laygyun Mibaya
Successor disestablished
Born c. 1555[note 2]
Pegu (Bago)
Toungoo Empire
Died after August 1612
Restored Toungoo Kingdom
Spouse Minye Thihathu II
Issue Natshinnaung
Minye Kyawswa of Toungoo
Minye Thihathu III of Toungoo
Minye Kyawhtin II of Toungoo
House Toungoo
Father Bayinnaung
Mother Sanda Dewi
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Min Khin Saw (Burmese: မင်းခင်စော, pronounced [mɪ́ɴ kʰɪ̀ɴ sɔ́]) was the chief queen consort of the break-away kingdom of Toungoo (Taungoo) from 1597 to 1609. She was also the chief queen of Toungoo from 1584 to 1597 when Toungoo was a vassal state of Toungoo Empire.[1] From 1612 onwards, the mother of Natshinnaung spent her last years as a dowager queen in Pinya (near Ava (Inwa).[2]


Min Khin Saw was the only child born from the union of Queen Sanda Dewi and King Bayinnaung. She descended from the Ava royal line from her mother's side. She married her half-cousin Minye Kyawhtin, governor of Tharrawaddy (Thayawadi), on 1 May 1571.[3]

The couple had four children:[1]

  • Natshinnaung, King of Toungoo (1609–1610); Viceroy of Toungoo (1610–1612)
  • Minye Kyawswa of Toungoo, Crown Prince of Toungoo (1609–1612)
  • Minye Thihathu III of Toungoo, Governor of Badon (1612–?)[4]
  • Minye Kyawhtin II of Toungoo, Governor of Taungdwingyi (1612–?)[4]

Min Khin Saw became a dowager queen in 1609 when her husband died. She fled Toungoo in August 1612[note 3] when the combined forces of Portuguese Syriam (Thanlyin) and Martaban (Mottama) attacked Toungoo. King Anaukpetlun gave her a two-story house in Pinya (near Ava) with a retinue of servants.[2]



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  2. ^ Sanda Dewi became Bayinnaung's queen only in April 1553. Since she got married in 1570, she was likely born in the mid 1550s.
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Min Khin Saw
Born: c. 1555 Died: 1610s?
Royal titles
New title Chief queen consort of Toungoo State
c. February 1597 – 11 August 1609
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