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Mike Bennett (born December 12, 1967 in Jordan, New York) and Andy Plummer (born December 23, 1966 in Vanceburg, Kentucky) are a duo of golf instructors who have coached PGA Tour players Charlie Wi, Steve Elkington, Tom Scherrer, Grant Waite, Troy Matteson, Bill Lunde, Mike Weir and Aaron Baddeley, among others.[1][2] Bennett and Plummer are also known because the golf swing model they developed challenges some aspects of current mainstream golf instruction.[3][4][5]

Bennett and Plummer played in the mini tours during the mid 1990s and later committed to instruction in the early 2000s,[6] after taking courses with Larry Bartosek, Tom Tomesello, Mike Bender and Mac O'Grady.[7]

The stack and tilt swing

Bennett and Plummer wrote, with Peter Morrice, the book The Stack and Tilt Swing (ISBN 978-1-592-40447-6). The "Stack and Tilt" model prescribes keeping the body weight forward during the whole swing, straightening the back leg through back swing and performing a steep shoulder turn, all in order to keep the shoulder turn axis in place. The theory follows some ideas that are present in Homer Kelley's book "The Golfing Machine".[6]

The method was called that way because of the way the spine tilts throughout the swing to keep the golfer "stacked", or to keep the upper-body center in one place during the swing, and the name was chosen with the help of Charlie Wi.[7]

In Stack and Tilt the weight starts left (for righthanded players) and goes more left during the swing. This idea collides with mainstream golf instruction,[8] but is shared by Sean Foley.[9]

The Bennett and Plummer model gained publicity beyond the PGA Tour players and instructors environment once a major golf magazine covered it in June 2007.[10] Since then, it also received criticism from other instructors.[11]


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