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Mi Saw U
Chief queen consort of Pinya
Tenure 7 February 1313 – c. February 1325
Predecessor new office
Successor Atula Maha Dhamma Dewi
Chief queen consort of Pinle
Tenure 17 December 1297 – 7 February 1313
Coronation 20 October 1309
Predecessor new office
Successor disestablished
Queen of the Central Palace of Pagan
Tenure 1290s – 17 December 1297
Predecessor vacant
Successor disestablished
Born Pagan (Bagan)
Died Pinya
Spouse Kyawswa (1289–1297)
Thihathu (1297–1325)
Issue Uzana I
Kyawswa I
House Pagan
Father Narathihapate
Mother Shin Shwe[1]
Religion Theravada Buddhism


Mi Saw U (Burmese: မိစောဦး, pronounced [mḭ sɔ́ ʔú]; also known as Min Saw U) was a Pagan princess, who was queen of two kings, Kyawswa of Pagan and Thihathu of Pinya, and mother of two kings, Uzana I of Pinya and Kyawswa I of Pinya.[2] Saw U was a daughter of Narathihapate, the last sovereign king of Pagan. Married to her half-brother Kyawswa, Saw U was pregnant with Kyawswa's child (Uzana) in December 1297 when she was seized by Thihathu who had just overthrown Kyawswa. Thihathu raised Uzana as his own child and later selected him as heir apparent. Saw U also gave birth to Thihathu's child, also named Kyawswa.[3] Both Uzana and Kyawswa went on to become kings of Pinya. Her youngest son Nawrahta defected to the Sagaing Kingdom c. 1349 after a disagreement with his brother Kyawswa.[4]


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Mi Saw U
Royal titles
New title Chief queen consort of Pinya
7 February 1313 – February 1325
Succeeded by
Atula Maha Dhamma Dewi
New title Chief queen consort of Pinle
17 December 1297 – 7 February 1313
Succeeded by
Vacant Queen of the Central Palace of Pagan
1290s – 17 December 1297
Pagan Kingdom replaced by Pinya

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