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Area of the Perth Metropolitan Region Scheme

The Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) is the legal land plan covering urban planning throughout the Perth Metropolitan Region. It classifies land into broad zones and reservations and is administered by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

The scheme defines the future use of land, dividing it into broad zones and reservations. It requires local government town planning schemes to provide detailed plans for their part of the region. Local government schemes must be consistent with the MRS.


The MRS derived from Hepburn and Stephenson's 1955 Plan for the Metropolitan Region, Perth and Fremantle and has been in operation since 1963. Hepburn and Stephenson were commissioned by the Government of Western Australia to develop the plan in 1953. The completed report recommended that a regional planning authority be established for the purpose of implementing a regional planning scheme—a recommendation that was passed into law with the MRTPS Act of 1959. The Act centralised sub-division control, keeping it in the hands of the state government, but delegated many local planning responsibilities to local governments.

The overall structure was updated and extended in the Corridor Plan of 1970 and the Metroplan of 1990. In 2006 the Planning and Development Act 2006 (WA) superseded the MRTPS Act 1959.

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