Peace and Justice

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Members group of Peace and Justice
평화와 정의의 의원 모임
Pyeonghwawa Jeonguiui Uiwon Moim
Chamber National Assembly
Legislature(s) 20th
Foundation 2 April 2018
Dissolution 23 July 2018
Member parties Party for Democracy and Peace and Justice Party
President Jang Byeong-wan
Constituency Dong District·Nam District A (Gwangju)
19 / 300
Ideology Big tent
Peace and Justice
평화와 정의의 의원 모임
平和와 正義의 議員 모임
Revised Romanization Pyeonghwawa jeonguiui uiwon moim
McCune–Reischauer P’yŏnghwawa chŏngŭiŭi ŭiwŏn moim

Members group of Peace and Justice (Hangul평화와 정의의 의원 모임), or Peace and Justice (Hangul평화와 정의[1]) for short, is a South Korean parliamentary grouping that was formed on 2 April 2018. The technical group consists of Party for Democracy and Peace and Justice Party.[1][2]


Both Democracy and Peace and Justice were non-parliamentary groups in South Korea, due to the law requiring at least 20 members to form a parliamentary group. Democracy and Peace and Justice, with 14 and 6 members of the National Assembly respectively, chose to form a parliamentary group to bolster their voices in the National Assembly after rounds of negotiations. The grouping became the fourth parliamentary group after Democratic Party of Korea, Liberty Korea Party and Bareunmirae Party.[1] The grouping was automatically dissolved with the death of Justice Party lawmaker Roh Hoe-chan on July 23rd, falling below the 20-member requirement.


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