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Max Uhlemann, in full Maximilian Adolph Uhlemann (died 1862) was a German Egyptologist who in 1853 published the third Latin translation of the Egyptian hieroglyphic text of the Rosetta Stone inscription. He was the son of Friedrich Gottlob Uhlemann, who taught theology at the universities of Berlin and Leipzig.

Max Uhlemann's research at Leipzig, where he initially studied history and archaeology and eventually specialised in ancient Egypt and its literature, led to a doctorate in 1851. Gustav Seyffarth was among his teachers at Leipzig. In 1853, apart from his work on the Rosetta Stone, he also completed and published a Coptic grammar. From 1854 until his early death in 1862 he was a lecturer (Privatdozent) in Egyptian language and literature at the Universität Göttingen. His Drei Tage in Memphis (1856) was an early attempt to describe everyday life in ancient Egypt for a general audience; an English translation, Three Days in Memphis, appeared in 1858. This was followed by a historical novel, Der letzte der Ramessiden ("The Last of the Ramessids"), which ran to two editions in 1860 and 1863.


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    • 2nd ed. Vor dreitausend Jahren oder der Untergang der Ramessiden: ein culturhistorischer Roman. Leipzig, 1863 Text
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