Massimo Taccon

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Massimo Taccon
Native name Ismahel
Born (1967-05-19) May 19, 1967 (age 50)
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Movement Critical Meditavism (Meditavismo Critico).

Massimo Taccon (born May 19, 1967) is an Italian painter, sculptor and writer who, during his 'Ismahel period' (1997–2002), signed his artworks with the pseudonym ISMAHEL.[1] He is the founder, thinker and theoretician of an art movement[citation needed] called Critical Meditavism (Meditavismo Critico), whose manifesto was posted to in September 2010.[2]

Life and work

"Peace", 1998, Massimo Taccon – painting.

Taccon was born in Rome where he continues to live, and mostly works. In 1999 he was one of the 462 artists, from across the world, who participated in the second edition of the 'Florence Biennale' exhibition of contemporary art.[3] In 2000 his work was shown at the Langhkawi International Festival of Arts 2000, held by the Malay National Art Gallery, Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Culture Foundation.[1]

On September 14, 2010 in Rome at the studio "La Taccon Arte" in presence of few intimate friends, Taccon dictated the basic pillars of a new art movement: The "Critical Meditavism" (Meditavismo Critico) and posted it as a manifesto to[2] A copy of the manifesto is preserved in the historical archives of the Rome Quadriennale in the complex of Villa Carpegna (Rome), in a file open to the artist Massimo Taccon.[4]

Artworks in collections

Works held by corporate and public collections include:

Published books

Massimo Taccon has written and published two books.

  • Stati d'animo di un giovane qualunque (ovvero rappresentazioni fedeli dell'essere) (1990), edizioni Beta. (A collection of lyrics.)[6]
  • Messaggio dalla luce (Message from the light) (1998), edizioni libreria Croce.[7]

Statements on art

  • All my Artworks are the masterpiece of my immaterial mind... (Massimo Taccon)[1]
  • My works are collected messages from the soul, and transferred in image to represent an inside world. I pick up feelings and intuitions to reverse them to the exterior, trying to launch a call in this world. What I expect is a definitive inside awakening of whom picks up the call... (Massimo Taccon)[1]



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