Markus Heitz

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Markus Heitz
Markus Heitz at Lucca Comics & Games 2014
Markus Heitz at Lucca Comics & Games 2014
Born (1971-10-10) 10 October 1971 (age 47)
Homburg, Germany
Occupation novelist
Nationality  German
Education University
Period 2002 – present
Genre Fantasy, Horror, Science fiction
Notable works The Dwarves

Markus Heitz (born 10 October 1971 in Homburg) is a German fantasy, horror and science fiction author best known for his Dwarves series of novels.


Markus Heitz was born in Homburg, Germany, in 1971. He studied history, literature, and the German language.[1] He now lives in Zweibrücken, Germany.


Translated into English

The Dwarves (Die Zwerge)

English release date English Title German release date Original Title
Jul 2009 The Dwarves Nov 2003 Die Zwerge
Feb 2010 The War of the Dwarves Oct 2004 Der Krieg der Zwerge
Oct 2011 The Revenge of the Dwarves Oct 2005 Die Rache der Zwerge
Jul 2012 The Fate of the Dwarves Feb 2008 Das Schicksal der Zwerge
Feb 2018 The Triumph of the Dwarves Feb 2015 Der Triumph der Zwerge

The Legends of the Älfar (Die Legenden der Albae)

English release date English Title German release date Original Title
Apr 2014 Righteous Fury 2009 Gerechter Zorn
Jun 2015 Devastating Hate Aug 2011 Vernichtender Hass
Aug 2016 Dark Paths Aug 2012 Dunkle Pfade
TBA   TBA Mar 2014 Die Vergessenen Schriften
TBA   TBA Oct 2013 Tobender Sturm

Other Works

English release date English Title German release date Original Title
Dec 2015   Oneiros May 2012 Oneiros – Tödlicher Fluch

Unavailable in English

Ulldart: Die Dunkle Zeit

Year Original Title
2002 Die Dunkle Zeit 1 – Schatten über Ulldart
2002 Die Dunkle Zeit 2 – Der Orden der Schwerter
2002 Die Dunkle Zeit 3 – Das Zeichen des dunklen Gottes
2003 Die Dunkle Zeit 4 – Unter den Augen Tzulans
2005 Die Dunkle Zeit 5 – Die Magie des Herrschers
2005 Die Dunkle Zeit 6 – Die Quellen des Bösen

Ulldart: Die Zeit des Neuen

Year Original Title
2005 Zeit des Neuen 1 – Trügerischer Friede
2006 Zeit des Neuen 2 – Brennende Kontinente
2007 Zeit des Neuen 3 – Fatales Vermächtnis

Die Mächte des Feuers

Year Original Title
2006 Die Mächte des Feuers
2010 Drachenkaiser
2016 Drachengift

Dunkle Spannung: Die Bestie

Year Original Title
2006 Ritus
2006 Sanctum

Dunkle Spannung: Kinder des Judas

Year Original Title
2007 Kinder des Judas
2010 Judassohn
2010 Judastöchter

Dunkle Spannung: Blutportale

Year Original Title
2008 Blutportale

Spannung: Totenblick

Year Original Title
2013 Totenblick

Spannung: Exkarnation

Year Original Title
2014 Exkarnation – Krieg der alten Seelen


Year Original Title
2010 Collector
2013 Collector – Operation Vade Retro


Year Original Title
2002 TAKC 3000
2002 Gottes Engel
2003 Aeternitas
2004 Sturmvogel
2004 05:58
2005 Jede Wette
2006 Schattenjäger
2007 Schattenläufer


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