Maritime Central Airways Flight 315

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Maritime Central Airways Flight 315
DC-4 CF-MCB Maritime Central MAN 1956.jpg
An MCA Douglas DC-4, similar to the crashed aircraft
Date August 11, 1957
Summary Loss of control in severe weather conditions
Site Near Issoudun, Quebec, Canada
Aircraft type Douglas DC-4
Operator Maritime Central Airways
Registration CF-MCF
Flight origin London Heathrow International Airport, London
Stopover Keflavík International Airport, Reykjavík
Last stopover Goose Bay Airport, Goose Bay, Newfoundland
Destination Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario
Passengers 73
Crew 6
Fatalities 79
Survivors 0

Maritime Central Airways Flight 315 was an international charter flight from London, England to Toronto, Ontario with refueling stops in Reykjavík, Iceland and Goose Bay, Newfoundland. On August 11, 1957, the aircraft operating this flight, a Douglas DC-4, crashed in bad weather near Issoudun, Quebec, killing all 79 people on board. At the time, it was the deadliest aviation accident in Canadian history, and is currently the fifth-deadliest as of 2016.[1][2]


Flight 315 departed London Heathrow International Airport for Reykjavík at 21:48 GMT. Then, after stopping in Reykjavík for 66 minutes to refuel, it proceeded on the next leg of its route to Canada. After entering Canadian airspace, the flight crew radioed that they wished to bypass Goose Bay and proceed to Montreal instead. At 18:10, Quebec Radio Range Station relayed a message to the aircraft, requesting it to contact Montreal Range while approaching Rougemont for clearance. This was the final communication with the aircraft prior to the accident.[1]

While flying in the vicinity of Quebec City at an altitude of approx. 6,000 feet, Flight 315 flew into a cumulonimbus cloud. Encountering severe turbulence, the aircraft somehow lost control and went into a near-vertical dive from which it could not recover. At 18:15 UTC, at a speed of over 200 knots, the aircraft slammed into the ground near Issoudun in a 70-degree nose-down position and a slight left bank angle. All 73 passengers and six crew were killed on impact.[1]


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