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Coordinates: 22°55′39″N 120°44′45″E / 22.927409°N 120.745872°E / 22.927409; 120.745872

Mountain Indigenous District
Maolin District [1]
萬山村 - panoramio.jpg
Miaolin District in Kaohsiung City
Miaolin District in Kaohsiung City
Country Taiwan
Municipality Kaohsiung City
 • Type District government
 • District chief Angopaw Komola (KMT)
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 1,893

Maolin District (Rukai: Teldreka; Chinese: 茂林區; pinyin: Màolín Qū) is a mountain indigenous district of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Maolin is one of the least populated districts in Taiwan, since it is located just to the south of the Central Mountain Range. The height ranges from 230 meters to 2700 meters above sea level, with a hot tropical and humid weather. The main population of Maolin district is the Rukai people of the Taiwanese aborigines. Maolin is well suited for tourism due to its unique scenery and ecology. In 2001 December, it was officially made the Maolin National Park of Taiwan.


With a population of 1,915 as of December 2014, Maolin District has the least number of population among other districts in Kaohsiung.


During the period of Japanese rule, Maolin was grouped with modern-day Namasia and Tauyuan districts and classified as "Savage Land" (蕃地), which was governed under Kizan District (旗山郡) of Takao Prefecture.

Administrative divisions

Maolin District consists of 3 urban villages and 19 neighborhoods. Along with Namasia District, Maolin District has the least number of village among other districts in Kaohsiung.

Miaolin District administrative divisions

Maolin villages.svg

Duona Village

Tourist attractions

Notable natives


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