Sougb language

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Region Papua
Native speakers
(12,000 cited 1987)[1]
West Papuan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mnx
Glottolog mani1235[2]
Sougb is located in Western New Guinea
Sougb is located in Southeast Asia
Coordinates: 1°30′S 133°57′E / 1.50°S 133.95°E / -1.50; 133.95

Sougb, or Sogh, is a Papuan language of the East Bird's Head language family spoken in the east of the Bird's Head Peninsula to the east of Meyah and to the south of Manokwari. It consists of four dialects and is spoken by around 12,000 people in all.[citation needed] The language is alternatively known as Mantion, or Manikion, an originally derogatory term used by the Biak people.[3]


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  • Materials on Sougb are included in the open access Arthur Capell (AC1) and Bert Voorhoeve (CLV1) collections held by Paradisec.
  • Reesink, Ger P. (2002). "A Grammar Sketch of Sougb". In Ger P. Reesink (ed.) (eds.). Languages of the Eastern Bird's Head. Pacific Linguistics. 524. Canberra: Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. pp. 181–276.CS1 maint: Uses editors parameter (link)
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