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Mancini (Italian pronunciation: [manˈtʃiːni]) is a surname of Italian origin which, etymologically, comes from the Italian adjective mancino, which literally means "left handed".

Geographical distribution

As of 2014, 66.2% of all known bearers of the surname Mancini were residents of Italy (frequency 1:805), 13.2% of the United States (1:23,932), 6.1% of Brazil (1:29,095), 5.1% of Argentina (1:7,358), 2.5% in Canada (1:12,751) and 1.9% of France (1:29,904).

In Italy, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average (1:805) in the following regions:

In Argentina, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average (1:7,358) in the following provinces:[1]


Art and literature

Film and television


Politics and governance


Fictional characters

  • Lucy Mancini, fictitious character who: in The Godfather was the Maid of Honor at Connie Corleone's wedding and had an affair with Sonny Corleone; in The Godfather Part III, it is revealed she had conceived a child, Vincent Santino Mancini
  • Michael Mancini, character on Melrose Place (1992-1999) (2009)
  • Vincent Mancini, illegitimate child of Sonny Corleone and Lucy Mancini, featured in The Godfather Part III

Other uses

See also

  • Joe Manchin (born 1947), American politician (Manchin is derived from the original family name, Mancini)


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