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Kushite King of Meroe
Votive cartouche of Malonaqen (Ashmolean Museum)
Predecessor Aramatle-qo
Successor Analmaye
Nuri 5
Spouse Queen Tagtal
Full name
Malonaken Sekhemkare
Father Aramatle-qo
Mother Queen Amanitakaye
nfr n
M23 M23
> <
N5 S42 D28
Malonaqen Sekhemkare [1]
in hieroglyphs

Malonaqen was a Meroitic king who probably governed in the first half of the 6th century BC. His prenomen was "Sekhemkare."

He is thought to be the son of king Aramatle-qo and queen Amanitakaye, although this is based merely on assumptions. His queen consort is thought to be Tagtal, who was buried at Nuri (Nu. 45).[1]


He is well known from his pyramid (Nu.5) at Nuri as well as by a votive cartouche from Kawa and on blocks (from temple M 242, 294) and other objects in Meroë.[2]


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