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The Malgana were an indigenous Australian people of Western Australia.


Malgana belongs to the Kartu language family.


The Malgana in Norman Tindale's estimation had tribal lands of some 7,000 square miles (18,000 km2).[1] The Malgana people lived within the current area known as the Shark Bay area, living across the Western most coast of the Shark Bay area, covering the Island of Dirk Harthog, south along the Western Australian coast, to Woomerangie hill, south of the Tamala (Thaamarli) Station. The Eastern border of the Malgana peoples country borders with the Wadjarri, Nhanda and Ingarrda Peoples areas. The Malgana people share connections with members of all of their bordering neighbors, but often the Nhanda people have suggested they are also from Malgana country, and in contrast to the social and cultural norms of the rest of Aboriginal Society, they're lost and want somewhere to claim their own.



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