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Majnu (2016 film) poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Virinchi Varma
Produced by Geetha Golla
P. Kiran
Screenplay by Virinchi Varma
Story by Virinchi Varma
Starring Nani
Anu Emmanuel
Music by Gopi Sunder
Cinematography Gnana Sekhar V.S.
Edited by Prawin Pudi
Release date
  • 23 September 2016 (2016-09-23)
Running time
138 min
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget ₹16 crore
Box office ₹27 crore Gross [1]

Majnu is a Telugu romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Virinchi Varma. It features Nani and Anu Emmanuel in the lead roles. The film was released worldwide on 23 September 2016.[citation needed] The film earned a distributor share of ₹16 crores, barely surpassing its ₹16 crore budget Theatrical rights .[2][3][4]


The plot revolves around Aditya (Nani), who works as an assistant director for the Baahubali crew. One day, he sees Suma (Priya Shri), a woman who works in the office of his friend, Kasi (Sathya) and gets attracted to her while trying to help Kasi in proposing to her. After a series of events and on Suma's continued insistence, Aditya tells Suma his love story that traces its way back to his hometown, Bhimavaram.

In the past, after graduation and getting placed in IT major Infosys, Bengaluru, Aditya and his friends hold a party. In a drunken stupor, he sees Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) and its love at first sight for him. Kiran is driving her motorcycle and as an awestruck and frozen Aditya is watching her, she crashes into Aditya and he is rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, he proposes to Kiran before passing out. Aditya leaves his job in Bengaluru to search for Kiran and finds out that she is studying engineering in the same college where he graduated from. While chasing her to her class, the students assume him to be a professor and he continues teaching them. The principal admits Aditya as a junior lecturer as he was impressed by Aditya's teaching skills. After a series of events, Kiran starts to fall for Aditya. One day, when Kiran questions Aditya about what is happening between them, Aditya replies in the form of a love letter and impresses Kiran.

After this story, a crying Aditya runs away from the restaurant. Suma, curious about why they broke up, asks Kasi who informs her that they broke up because of him. One day, Kiran sees Aditya fighting some goons and asks him what happened. It is revealed that the goons had attacked Kasi, hence forcing Aditya to charge on them. When Kiran asks him whether Kasi or herself is more important to him, Aditya replies that his friend is important. Then Aditya tries to convince Kiran but she brushes him off. Fed up with continuous rejection, one day Aditya bursts out and informs Kiran that he will run away to a place where he won't see or remember her.

Suma impressed by Aditya's love story starts getting attracted to him. When Kasi tells him about this, Aditya says that he realized that he is still in love with Kiran and packs up to leave for Bhimavaram. At the railway station, Aditya sees Kiran and is shocked to learn that she is Suma's cousin. At Suma's house, Suma tells Aditya her love story. She loved Raghu who duped her following which she fell into depression. Aditya tries to talk to Kiran, who tells him that she misunderstood Kasi and came to apologize to him but was hurt by his talk. Suma tells Aditya that she and Kiran are going to Mumbai for Kiran's job interview to which he offers to accompany them. In Mumbai, he gives Kiran confidence for her job interview. After returning to Hyderabad, he follows Kiran to Bhimavaram (even fighting goons for her), only to find out that Kiran is getting married to Hemanth (Raj Tarun). Kiran and Aditya tell Suma that the woman in Aditya's love story was Kiran. Aditya again tells them that he will run away to a place where he won't see or remember them. Suma, who forgives Aditya, tells Kiran to do the same and gives Aditya's letter to her. Kiran realizes that everything he wrote in the letter was true and tells Hemanth about it. Hemanth agrees to help them reach Aditya who is leaving for Goa. When Aditya boards the train, Kiran who follows the train on a bike, catches him while he gets down to drink water. Kiran then proposes to Aditya. The film ends with S. S. Rajamouli calling Aditya and offering him the job of a co-director.



Soundtrack album by Gopi Sunder
Released 4th September 2016
Recorded 2016
Genre Film soundtrack
Length 25:06
Language Telugu
Label Aditya Music
Producer Gopi Sunder
Gopi Sunder chronology
Puli Murugan

Gopi Sunder was roped in to compose the original soundtrack and score for Majnu. This marked Nani's second collaboration with Sunder after their first collaboration with Bhale Bhale Magadivoy.

No. Title Lyrics Singers(s) Length
1. "Kallumoosi" Sri Mani Suchith Suresan 03:39
2. "Oorikey Ala" Ramajogayya Sastry Haricharan 05:54
3. "Andamaina" Sri Mani Rahul Nambiar 04:24
4. "Jare Jare" Rambabu Gosala Naresh Iyer 05:00
5. "Oye Meghamla" Sri Mani Chinmayi Sripada 03:08
6. "Aadara" Ramajogayya Sastry Ranjith, Divya S. Menon 03:01
Total length: 25:07

Critical response

The film received mixed reviews from critics, although many praised Nani's performance and claimed it was the movie's saving grace. The Times of India also commented positively on the small-town setting of the film.[5] On the other hand, reviewers at The Hindu and The Indian Express noted the plot's lack of originality as well as Priya Shri's and Anu Emmanuel's acting deficiencies.[6][7]


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