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Spouse(s) Dinah
Children Jared
more sons and daughters
Parent(s) Kenan
Relatives Enos (grandfather)

Mahalalel or Mahalaleel[a] was a patriarch named in the Hebrew Bible. In the New Testament, the King James Version spells his name Maleleel.[1]


Mahalalel was a son of Kenan, son of Enos, son of Seth, son of Adam in the Old Testament of the Bible. He was also the father of Jared.

In Judaeo-Christian mythology Mahalalel is an ancestor of Noah, and thus, of all humanity.

He appears in the Book of Genesis 5:12-17, and according to the book, he lived 895 years, placing him eighth in the records for the unusually long lifespans for the antediluvian patriarchs.

Later references to Mahalalel include 1 Chronicles 1:1, Jubilees 4:14–15 and Gospel of Luke 3:37. Enoch’s first dream vision in 1 Enoch 83 recounts the dream that Enoch had in the house of Mahalalel his grandfather, and which Mahalalel explains to him.[2]

Additionally, Mahalalel is also mentioned in Islam in the various collections of tales of the pre-Islamic prophets, which mentions him in an identical manner.

Adam Eve
Cain Abel Seth
Enoch Enos
Irad Kenan
Mehujael Mahalalel
Methushael Jared
Adah Lamech Zillah Enoch
Jabal Jubal Tubal-Cain Naamah Methuselah
Shem Ham Japheth


The pet cat that comes to the manor in the storm in Joyce Carol Oates's novel Bellefleur is named Mahalaleel.


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