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Mad Cave Studios
Mad Cave Studios Corporate Logo.png
Status Active
Founded 2014 (2014)
Founder Mark London
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Miami, Florida
Distribution Diamond Book Distributors
Publication types


Graphic Novels
Fiction genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery, Mythology
Official website

Mad Cave Studios (or Mad Cave) is an independent comic book publisher based out of Miami, Florida. As of 2018, Mad Cave has published two, ongoing series, Battlecats & Midnight Task Force, with a third series, Knights of the Golden Sun, announced for November.


Mad Cave Studios was founded in 2014 by Mark London. In February 2018, Mad Cave published the first issue of its medieval fantasy flagship, Battlecats. The following July, it released a second ongoing series, a cyberpunk-inspired mystery called Midnight Task Force. In November 2018, Mad Cave Studios is releasing Knights of the Golden Sun, its biblical fantasy epic.


Released February 2018. Writer: Mark London Artists: Michael Camelo and Julian Gonzalez
Battlecats is an original, medieval fantasy comic where Kelthan leads his group of Battlecats – Kaleera, Zorien, Mekkar, and Vaela – to find and destroy the Dire Beast as King Eramad III commanded, but as they fight through obstacles that only the protectors of Valderia could dare face and survive, a darker force rises and each member of the Battlecats must embrace a confrontation that none of them may be ready to face… The truth about their mission and a secret that leads to a decision that could forever change Valderia and the Battlecats.
Midnight Task Force
Released July 2018. Writer: Mark London Artist: Alejandro Giraldo
Midnight Task Force is a sci-fi, cyberpunk thriller that will have you questioning reality itself. The year is 2055 and Detroit is a nightmarish city plagued by violence and fueled by corruption. The story follows schizophrenic detective, Aiden McCormick, as he tries to solve a series of brutal murders while keeping the dark secrets of his past hidden from everyone around him.
Knights of the Golden Sun
Releasing November 2018. Writer: Mark London Artist: Mauricio Villareal
Knights of the Golden Sun is a biblical epic set during a time of great turmoil. Four Hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament during which neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message. In His absence, a power struggle erupted among the Archangels and the Fallen over who will control Father’s throne. Providence, the Angels, and humanity would never be the same.


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