Mad Cave Studios

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Mad Cave Studios
Mad Cave Studios Corporate Logo.png
Status Active
Founded 2014 (2014)
Founder Mark London
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Miami, Florida
Distribution Diamond Book Distributors
Publication types Comics Graphic Novels
Fiction genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery, Mythology
Official website

Mad Cave Studios (or Mad Cave) is an independent comic book publisher based out of Miami, Florida that was established in 2014. Mad Cave is publishing two ongoing series, Battlecats and Midnight Task Force, which are being distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors.[1] A third series, Knights of the Golden Sun, is scheduled for November 2018.


Mad Cave Studios was founded in 2014 by Mark London. In February 2018, Mad Cave published the first issue of its medieval fantasy flagship, Battlecats. The following July, it released a second ongoing series, a cyberpunk-inspired mystery called Midnight Task Force. In November 2018, Mad Cave Studios is releasing Knights of the Golden Sun, a biblical fantasy epic.



Battlecats is an original, medieval fantasy comic where about a war between the heroic Battlecats and the forces of the Dire Beast. It is written by Mark London with art by Michael Camelo and Julian Gonzalez. The first issue was released February 2018. Bleeding Cool News called it an "underwhelming" debut from the new publisher.[2]

Midnight Task Force

Midnight Task Force is a sci-fi, cyberpunk comic. Set in the year 2055, schizophrenic detective Aiden tries to solve a series of murders in Detroit while keeping his condition secret. The series is written by Mark London with illustration by Michael Camelo and Julian Gonzalez. The first issue was released in February 2018.

Knights of the Golden Sun

Knights of the Golden Sun is a biblical epic and historical fiction comic book. It is about a battle between archangels and fallen angels set between the Old and New Testaments. It is written by Mark London and illustrated by Mauricio Villareal. It is scheduled for release in November 2018.


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