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Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige
( Speak, Speak out, Jasmine)
Directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
Produced by K. Manju
Written by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
Starring Dr.Vishnuvardhan
Rangayana Raghu
C. R. Simha
Music by Mano Murthy
Release date
  • 24 August 2007 (2007-08-24)
Running time
130 mins
Country India
Language Kannada

Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige (Kannada:ಮಾತಾಡ್ ಮಾತಾಡು ಮಲ್ಲಿಗೆ, translation: Speak, Speak out, Jasmine) is a Kannada language film directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar. Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige can be roughly transliterated from North Karnataka's colloquial Kannada as Speak, Speak out, Jasmine. Maathaad Maathaad Mallige depicts the challenges faced by the people living in rural sectors of India. Dr. Vishnuvardhan's Performance and Nagathihalli's Narration was much praised by critics. Dr.Vishnuvardhan was the right choice for the film, his build, looks and age made the role look strong. His Performance was emotional, graceful and touching.It is also said that it was courageous on his part to accept such a role that had no space for his action image. It is certainly one of his best performances.[1][2][3]


The film starts with a happy small family of Hoovaiah (Dr.Vishnuvardhan) and Kanaka (Suhasini) having a small field growing flowers of Mallige, Sampige and other flowers which spread fragrance. The couple have three daughters in a small village of Jenu Koppa. Hoovaiah stands true to his devotion to Gandhi philosophy of Satyagraha come whatever may facing with nonchalance and non-violence. Globalization companies cause problems for the village as there are rich mine deposits nearby. Hoovaiah, zamindar of Jenu Koppa village, is a flower seller.Villagers revere him. When the government gives an MNC the licence to acquire land for mining in Jenukoppa, he strongly opposes it. But Kurupayya (Rangayana Raghu) joins hands with politicians and officials and tries to brainwash people to sell their land for a huge amount. Police atrocities and lathi charges on villagers force Hoovaiah to fight a lone battle against land acquisition. Fed up by the turn of events, all villagers decide to leave the village.But Hoovaiah launches a hunger strike to save the village and finally wins the battle.


The Completeness

It shows the everlasting marriage customs of Indian culture crafted with a small incidence taking place between husband and wife wherein Hoovaiah Dr.Vishnuvardhan tries to catch a Chitte or butterfly unsuccessfully throughout the movie which also becomes a metaphor when it comes to their own offspring. The story also depicts the Indian melodrama of diversity of woman folks. The two daughters who become literate in medium of English - synonymous with globalization and not education pursue their interests and leave their family and motherland as they have to display convictions to their decisions. The third daughter although is illiterate is shown as well educated when it comes to human values. The tough Mother played by Suhasini depicts character of a rural household hardworking wife with all the knowledge given by her folk customs. The main story revolves around Hoovaiah fighting for the preservation of his motherland and culture and showing people that money in fact is just a cover of illusion when it means to earn them by selling their own Aatma or Self.


Many dialogues get accolades from audience when

  • Hoovaiah says to government authorities to take mines kept below 3 inches of soil which will belong to government leaving those 3 inches of soil.
  • Ammana Laali marethu gummana jothe saagidevallo and Rangana Thittigu kooda rajeya haaki hodavallo (from song ELli Hodavo) - when daughters fly off with witches deserting their parents and their views.
  • Ella Maya Naale Neevu Maaya ( from song Jhana Jhana) - which says all are Maya in this world.
  • Ganigala Dhanigala dibbanadalli bharatha maatheye bettaladalu (from song Jhana Jhana) - which metaphors requirements of corrupt globalized world as a fat bridegroom's arrival making motherland naked.
  • Hoovaiah rejects The strong minded tough new generation naxalite Sudeep offering of help and goes with the lawyer showing his faith in Indian constitution- but in return offers him an advice to be treated as given by an elder brother to a younger brother who has lost his way.
  • Akka, Nanagyaako bhayavaagtha ide, Nee swalpa olage hogu - Mandya Ramesh, acting as a drunkard in an attempt to save some more falling into the web of urbanization and its attractions tells a coffee shop owner to go inside when some officer comes to inspect Jenu Koppa.
  • Nammane Aramane Nammappa Maharaja Nammamma Maharani - showing the small family values and the satisfied members comparing themselves to King and Queen of the institution which comes as a little surprise to most urban blues.

Overall the movie revolves round the man who tries to get everyone into him as he grows his thoughts whenever he is faced with a challenge, but in the meanwhile he has to avoid his own saplings of fragrance somewhere on the way, and also lose some, but spreading his heart he not only wins over others but also with his own self and limitations. The movie will also be remembered for being one of very rare commercial movies which genuinely tries to address the problems of farmers such as unjudicial exploitation of cultivating lands by globalised companies. The character played by 'Dr.Vishnuvardhan' would also be the best in his film career next to that of "Mutthina Haara".


Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige was released on 24 August 2007. And also released in San Jose, California, United States on 24 August 2007.[4]

Critical reception

The film got positive reviews upon its release. gave 4/5 stars saying "Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige is not a film with slow paced narration; it is a commercial film with a good message. A must-see film.".[3] Times of India gave 4/5 stars and wrote "VISHNUVARDHAN'S brilliance and an excellent script by Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar make Mathad Mathadu Mallige a film worth watching".[2] gave score 8/10 stating "This is not just a film. Film that is food for thought too! It is an awakening cinema and clarion call for the villagers and farmers."[5]


Awards won 5
Nominations N/A

Karnataka State Film Awards :-

Southern India Cinematographer's Association Awards (SICA Awards) :-

Udaya Film Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South :-


The official soundtrack contains 9 songs composed by Mano Murthy with lyrics penned by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar and Gollahalli Shivprasad.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Baaro Nam Terige" Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha, B. Jayashree  
2. "Jhana Jhana" Gollahalli Shivprasad C. Aswath  
3. "Nammane Aramane" Nagathihalli Chandrashekar SPB, Nanditha, Vidya, Amrutha, Shantala Vattam  
4. "Elli Hodavo" Gollahalli Shivprasad Pichchalli Srinivas  
5. "Banna Bannada Hoove" Nagathihalli Chandrashekar SPB, Shreya Ghoshal  
6. "Elli Hodavo (Pathos)" Gollahalli Shivprasad Praveen Datt Stephen  
7. "Bevara Hanigale" Gollahalli Shivprasad Pichchalli Srinivas, Gollahalli Shivprasad, Jenny  
8. "Appikonda" Gollahalli Shivprasad Shantala Vattam  
9. "Baaro Nanna Sharukh" Nagathihalli Chandrashekar Sunidhi Chauhan  

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Critical reception



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