Lubu people

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Lubu people
Alak Siladang
Total population
2,000 (2011)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Indonesia (Mandailing Natal Regency)
Lubu language, Mandailing language, Indonesian language
Related ethnic groups
Mandailing people, Minangkabau people

Lubu people or Siladang people is an ethnic group in Indonesia. The Lubu are a people of mixed origin who live in central Sumatra. They mainly inhabit the mountainous regions of the various provinces of southern Batakland. The Lubu people were formerly migratory peoples similar to the wild Kubu people. Now, however, they are slowly being absorbed by the Mandailing people.

In the early part of this century, the Lubu people still roamed the mountains in a wild state, living mainly in tree houses. They shot game with blow guns and poisoned darts and existed on the products of the jungle. Their clothing was simple, they ate all types of meat, and they cooked in hollow bamboo.

Although they have made considerable progress since that time, the Lubu people are still very tribal in their basic lifestyle. Like the Kubu people, they are afraid of water and seldom wash, even though they live alongside rivers. They are generally despised and mistrusted by their Batak neighbors, who suspect them of partaking in all kinds of witchcraft.[2]


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