Love Hurts (House)

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"Love Hurts"
House episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 20
Directed by Bryan Spicer
Written by Sara B. Cooper
Original air date May 10, 2005 (2005-05-10)
Running time 44 minutes
Guest appearance(s)
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"Three Stories"
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"Love Hurts" is the twentieth episode of the first season of House, which premiered on the Fox network on May 10, 2005.


Harvey Park is at the hospital to figure out why he grinds his teeth. Dr. Gregory House is talking with one of his patients and Dr. James Wilson about agreeing to go on a date with Dr. Allison Cameron. After being aggravated by their responses about what he should do, he chews out Park for spilling apple juice (originally thought to be urine) onto his jacket. House goes to apologize to Park to find him in the middle of a stroke.

When House gets the team together, he states that they need to be clever on this particular case due to the fact that Park has a metal plate in his jaw, giving them the inability to perform an MRI. Dr. Eric Foreman goes into Park's room to discuss his current situation with him, to find him experiencing a little nominal aphasia.

The team goes to check up on Park and find his friend, Annette Raines, a dominatrix, who gets paid by Park. Dr. Lisa Cuddy talks with House about Dr. Cameron, giving her input on what he should wear. Dr. Robert Chase meets with Park in his room and Park is distraught about his feelings for Annette and not wanting surgery. Annette returns to the hospital to change Park's mind about the surgery and is almost struck by him after has another attack.

House contacts Park's parents by delivering false information about their son to get them to come to the hospital and give their consent for his surgery. Later that night, House and Dr Cameron go on their date and House expresses his feelings to her. The next morning, the team discovers that Park has fulminating osteomyelitis, in which the infected tissue of his jaw broke off, blocking blood flow to the brain and was hidden from the scans of Harvey's metal plate. Later that evening, House goes to talk to both Annette and Park about how they need to stop their meetups. Park asks House if his parents came to see him, House leaves the room speechless.


This episode was written by series creator David Shore and was directed by Bryan Spicer.


The episode was first broadcast in the United States on Fox on May 10, 2005. The episode was seen by 18.80 million viewers, making House the 10th most-watched program of that week.


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