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Region Northeastern France, Belgium
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog lorr1242[1]
Langues d'oïl.PNG
Lorrain, at the east among other oïl languages
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Flag of Lorraine.svg
Flag of Lorraine since the 13th century

Lorrain is a dialect (often referred to as patois) spoken by a minority of people in Lorraine in France, small parts of Alsace and in Gaume in Belgium. It is a langue d'oïl.

It is classified as a regional language of France and has the recognised status of a regional language of Wallonia, where it is known as Gaumais. It has been influenced by Lorraine Franconian and Luxembourgish, Germanic languages spoken in nearby or overlapping areas.

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  • (in French) Essai sur le patois lorrain des environs du comté du Ban de la Roche, Jeremias Jacob Oberlin, 1775

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