Lord of Souls

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Lord of Souls
Keyes - Lord of Souls.png
Author Greg Keyes
Language English
Series The Elder Scrolls
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
September 27, 2011
Media type Print (Paperback), Download (E-Reader)
Pages 304 pp
ISBN 978-0-345-50802-7

Lord of Souls is a book by Greg Keyes. It is the second of two planned books based on The Elder Scrolls series of video games.[1]


Like its predecessor The Infernal City, the novel Lord of Souls takes places about 40 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles, and some 160 years prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[2]

Annaig is again promoted after introducing new ideas and dishes into Umbriel's court, and eventually tricks a rival kitchen into confirming she recreated their secret ingredient, also condemning Slyr, her assistant, to death after Slyr repeatedly tries to poison and murder her. Her mood further darkens after Mere-Glim is caught and killed while attempting to lead the skraws in another raid.

Sul and Attrebus, captured by Malacath, escape and resume the search for Umbra, and are led to a fort where the current wielder of Umbra has been buried alive after the sword drove him immediately insane.

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