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The International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR) is an academic conference aiming at discussing cutting-edge results in the fields of automated reasoning, computational logic, programming languages and their applications.

It grew out of the Russian Conferences on Logic Programming 1990 and 1991; the idea to organize the conference was largely due to Robert Kowalski who proposed to create the Russian Association for Logic Programming. The conference was renamed in 1992 to "Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning" (LPAR) to reflect its extended scope, due to considerable interest in automated reasoning in the Former Soviet Union. After a break from 1995 to 1998, LPAR continued in 1999 under the name "Logic for Programming and Automated Reasoning", to indicate an extension of its logic part beyond logic programming. In 2001, the name changed to "Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning".[1]

The LPAR steering committee consists of Matthias Baaz, Chris Fermüller, Geoff Sutcliffe, and Andrei Voronkov (chair).[2]

Overview of conference events

Date No. Name Acr. Location LNCS ISBN
Sep 14-18, 1990 1st Russian Conference on Logic Programming RCLP Irkutsk, Russia 592 3-540-55460-2
Sep 11-16, 1991 2nd St.Petersburg, Russia, on board the ship "Michail Lomonosov"
Jul 15-20, 1992 3rd International Conference on Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning LPAR St.Petersburg, Russia, on board the ship "Michail Lomonosov" 624 3-540-55727-X
Jul 13-20, 1993 4th St.Petersburg, Russia 698 3-540-56944-8
Jul 16-22, 1994 5th Kiev, Ukraine, on board the ship "Marshal Koshevoi" 822 3-540-58216-9
Sep 06-10, 1999 6th International Conference on Logic for Programming and Automated Reasoning Tbilisi, Georgia 1705 3-540-66492-0
Nov 11-12, 2000 7th Reunion Island, France 1955 3-540-41285-9
Dec 03-07, 2001 8th International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning Havana, Cuba 2250 3-540-42957-3
Oct 14-18, 2002 9th Tbilisi, Georgia 2514 3-540-00010-0
Sep 22-26, 2003 10th Almaty, Kazakhstan 2850 3-540-20101-7
Mar 14-18, 2004 11th Montevideo, Uruguay 3452 3-540-25236-3
Dec 02-06, 2005 12th Montego Bay, Jamaica 3835 3-540-30553-X
Nov 13-17, 2006 13th Phnom Penh, Cambodia 4246 3-540-48281-4
Oct 15-19, 2007 14th Yerevan, Armenia 4790 978-3-540-75560-9
Nov 22-27, 2008 15th Doha, Qatar 5330 978-3-540-89438-4
Apr 25-30, 2010 16th Dakar, Senegal 6355 978-3-642-17510-7
Oct 10-15, 2010 17th Yogyakarta, Indonesia 6397 978-3-642-16241-1
Mar 10-15, 2012 18th Mérida, Venezuela 7180 978-3-642-28716-9
Dec 10-15, 2013 19th Stellenbosch, South Africa 8312 978-3-642-45220-8
May 7-12, 2017 21st Maun, Botswana - ISSN 2398-7340

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