Lodhi language

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Native to India
Region Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand
Native speakers
25,000 (2007 survey)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lbm
Glottolog lodh1246[2]

Lodhi (Lodi, Lohi, Lozi) is a Munda language, or perhaps dialect cluster, of India that has been strongly influenced by neighboring Austroasiatic languages.Kharia Thar, and that it is only spoken by one quarter of ethnic Lodhi in Orissa. However, while admitting that Lodhi is related to Sora, a Munda language, Ethnologue classifies it as Indic (Bengali–Assamese), and it is considered a variety of Hindi in the Indian census. It may be that there are both Munda and Indic varieties subsumed under the name Lodhi.[citation needed]

However, Anderson (2008:299) suggests that Lodhi (Lodha) of northern Orissa may be an endangered Munda language; some members use the autonym Sabar[a].


Lodhi is spoken in (Ethnologue):


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