List of years in ice sports

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This page indexes the individual year in ice sports pages. Most years are annotated with one or more significant event as a reference point.

List of years in ice sports

Pre-19th Century

  • Skating has been shown to have been in use since 3,000 years back.
  • 1541, first written record about curling
  • 18th Century, sports resembling bandy and ice hockey were played in the winter time in England, the Netherlands, Russia and North America.


First track for bobsleigh in Switzerland

The first formal games of bandy and ice hockey are played in London, England and Montreal, British North America (Canada) respectively.


The first formal competitions in bobsleigh takes place in St. Moritz.


The first international bandy match is played, between an English and a Dutch team.

International Skating Union is founded.
The first written published rules of bandy. National Bandy Association is founded in England.

Stanley Cup is awarded for the first time.


The first Swedish national championship in bandy is played.

Figure skating at the 1908 Summer Olympics is the first ice sport included in the Olympic Games.[1]
Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace was founded.
The first Finnish national championship in bandy is played.


The first ever European ice hockey championship is won by Great Britain.

The first ever European bandy championship is won by England.


Ice hockey is included in the 1920 Summer Olympics.
International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (FIBT) is founded

The first ever Winter Olympic Games includes the ice sports bobsleigh, figure skating, and ice hockey. Curling was played unofficially.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) began televising games in the National Hockey League.[2]

The 1954 World Championships has been described by the IIHF as "the start of the modern era of international hockey."[3] The tournament saw the first participation of the Soviet Union in international competition.

The first World Luge Championships is arranged.
The Federation of International Bandy is founded.

1957 Bandy World Championship is the first ever bandy world championship.

The first ever World Curling Championships is played.


1967 NHL expansion doubles the number of ice hockey teams in NHL from the Original Six to twelve.


World Hockey Association starts its league as a competitor to NHL.

World Hockey Association ceases its operations, the teams being added to the NHL.


Curling at the Winter Olympics officially for the first time.


2004 Women's Bandy World Championship is the first ever bandy world championship for women's teams.



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