List of wars involving the State of Palestine

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This is a list of wars that the State of Palestine has been involved in.

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results
First Intifada
Flag of Palestine - short triangle.svg Fatah
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas
 Israel Defeat (but political gains)[2]
Second Intifada
Flag of Palestine - short triangle.svg Palestinian Authority
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas
 Israel Defeat
  • Palestinian uprising suppressed[3]
Operation Summer Rains
State of Palestine Fatah
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas
 Israel Defeat
  • 5-month lull in Hamas rocketfire[4]
Battle of Gaza
State of Palestine Fatah Hamas Hamas victory
Operation Cast Lead
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas  Israel Defeat
Operation Pillar of Defense
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas  Israel Defeat
  • Cessation of rocket fire into Israel
Operation Protective Edge
Flag of Hamas.svg Hamas  Israel Defeat[5]
  • Unlimited ceasefire agreement


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