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The following things are named after Donald Trump, an American businessman, real estate developer, television host, politician, and 45th and current President of the United States.

Many of the items listed are owned by The Trump Organization, of which he is the owner, while others Trump has licensed his name to.

Real estate

Trump Tower

Trump Tower in New York City

Completed/in use

Cancelled/never completed

Trump International Hotels

Trump sign on his Chicago Hotel and Tower

Completed/in use

Planned but never built

Former properties

Trump Plaza

In use

Trump Entertainment Resorts


Former properties

The company's former properties include:

Other buildings

Trump International Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada

In use

Abandoned/never completed

Golf courses


The 18th hole at Trump National Doral


  • Trump International Golf Club (Dubai)
  • Trump World Golf Club (Dubai)
  • Trump International Golf Links, Scotland
  • Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland
  • Trump Turnberry (Scotland)


  • Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico[7]

Food and drink


Arts and media




Trump's personal airplane - dubbed "Trump Force One" since his entry into politics.



  • Donald Trump Jr., his firstborn child.
  • Donald Trump III, his eldest grandson, son of Donald Jr.[23]



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