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The following is a list of known surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939). The total number of participating personnel is unknown, but an estimated 35,000 foreigners fought on the Republican side in what was known as the International Brigades. In addition, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany sent as many as 20,000 soldiers (not all at the same time) and Benito Mussolini of Italy sent as many as 60,000 soldiers to fight alongside the soldiers of Spanish General Francisco Franco.

Veterans, for this purpose, are defined as people who were members of the armed forces of one of the combatant forces up to and including the date recognized as the end of the War, which was 1 April 1939.

Republican forces – 41 veterans

Nationality Name Date of Birth Age Residence Force served Notes
France Almudéver, Vincent 6 July 1917 102 France Unified Socialist Youth Brother of Joseph. Joined in 1936. Fought at Majadahonda and Ebro.[1][2][3]
Spain Arriaga, Gregorio Urionaguena 21 March 1917 102 Spain Euzko Gudarostea Mechanic before the war. Served in the Eusko Indarra Battalion of the ANV. Witnessed the bombings of Durango and Guernica.[4][5][6]
Spain Astobiza, Juan José Spain Euzko Gudarostea Joined the Martiartu battalion of the PNV.[6]
Spain Belda, Maria "Rosariet" Rosario Llin 1922 Spain Spanish Republican volunteers Served in as a volunteer nurse at the Ontinyent military hospital.[7][8]
Spain Barons, Ramon 1920 Spain Spanish Republican Army Lives in Cardona.[9]
Spain Bruguera, Juan Mariné [ca] 31 December 1920 98 Spain Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Called up in 1938. Served on the Segre. Became a film maker after the war.[10][11]
Spain Català, Andreu Canet 1920 Spain Spanish Republican Army Enlisted in 1938 and joined the 224th Brigade. Served at Balaguer and Ebro. Lives in Cardedeu.[12][13]
Spain Colom, Tomàs Dalmau 29 June 1920 99 Spain Spanish Republican Army Served as a lieutenant.[14][15]
Spain Darbra, Miquel Morera 26 April 1922 97 Spain Spanish Republican Army Joined in 1936 with his father. Served at Teruel, Ebro, and Valsequillo.[16][13]
Spain del Amo, Alejandro Spain Euzko Gudarostea Joined the Meabe battalion of the JSU.[17][18]
Spain del Real, Virgilio Fernández [es] 26 December 1918 100 Mexico International Brigades Joined the Dabrowski Battalion in 1936 as a medic. Participated in the battles of Guadalajara, Brunete, Ebro, and Belchite. Later studied medicine and became a doctor.[19][20]
Spain Egaña, Andres 4 December 1918 100 Spain Euzko Gudarostea Joined the Loiola battalion of the PNV.[21][18][6]
Spain Esparraguera, Santos Cortés 10 March 1921 98 Spain Spanish Republican Army Joined the 70th Brigade in 1936. Fought at Madrid, Jarama, Guadalajara, Brunete, and Ebro.[22][23]
Spain Ernabide, Ignacio 1 February 1917 102 Spain Euzko Gudarostea Joined the Loiola battalion of the PNV. Served as an instructor due prior weapon experience before the war. Fought at Villarreal.[6]
Spain Gallart, Simó 1920 Spain Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Joined at 18 years old. Fought at Segre and Ebro.[24]
Spain García, Juan Aznar 5 July 1918 101 France Spanish Republican Army Left his village of Caravaca in 1936 to enlist in the Republican army. Exiled to France after the war and was deported to Mauthausen by Nazi forces in 1940.[25][26]
Spain Gallego-Nicasio, Manuel 17 February 1917 102 Spain Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Affiliated with PSOE.[27]
Spain Iglesias, Mateo Balbuena 21 September 1913 106 Spain Euzko Gudarostea, Spanish Republican Army Participated in the Strike of 1934. Joined the Leandro Carro battalion of the PCE in 1936. Fought at Álava, Biscay, and Bilbao. Later made a lieutenant in the Republican Army. Became a writer after the war.[28][29][6]
Spain Lapuente, Alfons Cànovas 4 November 1917 101 Spain Spanish Republican Army Trained with his brother Antoni to participate in the People's Olympiad. Event was cancelled following the outbreak of the Civil War and the brothers enlisted in the Republican Army. Fought on the Aragon front. Later became president of the CN Atlètic-Barceloneta.[30][31][32]
Spain Larrouy, Eduardo [eo] 9 March 1913 106 Spain Spanish Republican Army Joined the UGT2 battalion of the PSE. Wounded twice. Later captured and imprisoned.[33][34]
Spain Martikorena, Gabriel Nogues 1920 Euzko Gudarostea [6]
France Mateu, Joseph Eduard Almudéver [ca] 30 July 1919 100 France International Brigades, Spanish Republican Army Brother of Vincent. Joined a militia in 1936. Entered the 129th Brigade in 1938. In 2016, declared embassador by Valencia's Government during the October 9th Awards.[35][1][36][37]
Spain Mateu, Josep Herms 1920 Spain Spanish Republican Army Mobilized at 17 years old.[13][38]
Spain Mercader, Artur Tomàs 18 August 1918 101 Spain Spanish Republican Army Enlisted in 1937. Served as a spotter in an artillery unit. Fought at Ebro. Lives in Barcelona.[39][13]
Spain Miaja, Fernando Rodríguez 11 August 1917 102 Mexico Spanish Republican Army Nephew of General Miaja. Joined in 1936. Became a lieutenant in an Engineer unit.[40]
Spain de Miguel Montañés, Miguel 7 June 1921 98 Spain Spanish Republican Air Force Joined the FARE in 1936. Served in a bomber unit. Fought on the Aragon front.[41][42]
Spain Mur, Martín Arnal 12 November 1921 97 Spain CNT-FAI Mobilized in 1938. Fought at Ebro.[43]
Spain Nieto, Rafael Gómez 21 January 1921 98 France Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Later served in La Nueve[44][45][46]
Spain Oliveras, Salvador Farrés 4 September 1920 99 Spain Spanish Republican Army Enlisted in 1938. Fought at the Ebro and the Catalonia Offensive.[47][15]
Spain Peón, Ángeles Flórez [es] 17 November 1918 100 Spain Unified Socialist Youth Joined in 1936. Served as a Cook and a Nurse. Arrested in 1937 following the capture of Asturias.[48][49][50]
Spain Persiva, Julio Rambla 13 January 1918 101 Spain Spanish Republican Army Joined the Carabineros Corps in 1935. Served in the 5th Mixed Brigade when the war broke out. Fought at Jarama.[51][52]
Spain Piernas, Juan "Tío Juan Rita" Tudela 14 February 1912 107 Spain Spanish Republican Army Served as a cook.[53][54][55]
Spain Piñón, Vicens 17 January 1918 101 Spain Spanish Republican Army Joined in 1936. Served as a medic at Belchite.[56]
Spain Pons, Andrés 1917 Spain Spanish Republican Army Fought at Guadalajara. Became a lieutenant and was captured by Nationalist forces. Spent three years in captivity.[57]
Spain Pons, Joan/Juan Spain Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter.[58]
Spain Riba, Josep Randé 7 November 1919 99 Spain International Brigades Joined the Rakosi Battalion in 1938. Taken prisoner at Corbera d'Ebre in September, 1938.[59][60]
Spain Ruiz, Rafael Martínez 25 March 1914 105 Spain Unified Socialist Youth Joined the JSU in 1931. Served in an artillery unit.[61][62][63]
Spain Sala, Josep 1919 Spain Spanish Republican Army "La quinta del biberón" fighter. Called to service in March 1938.[64]
Spain Toledo, Salvador 12 April 1919 100 Spain Spanish Republican Assault Guard Joined in 1936. Served for three years. Sent to Morocco after the war. Lives in Badajoz.[65]
Spain Torras, Jaume Navarro 3 February 1920 99 Spain Spanish Republican Army Called to service in 1938. Served at Segre and Ebro.[66][13]
Spain Vivancos, Eduardo [es] 19 September 1920 99 Canada Spanish Republican Army Esperantist, served with the 26th Division (Spain).[67]

Nationalist forces – 10 veterans

Nationality Name Date of Birth Age Residence Force served Notes
Spain Alpuin, Pedro Placeres 29 June 1920 99 Spain Nationalist Army Enlisted in 1936. Served at Aragon. Left service in 1941. Lives on the Canary Islands.[68]
Spain Casalderrey, José Pérez 1 August 1919 100 Spain Nationalist Army Enlisted in 1936. Fought at Asturias, Teruel, Aragon, and Cartagena.[69]
Spain Corral, José Prieto 31 December 1910 108 Spain Nationalist Army [70][71]
Spain Cuesta, Julio Damián Muñoz 27 September 1913 106 Spain Nationalist Army Fought at Jarama. Wounded by artillery. Became a priest after the war. Ordained in 1941.[72][73]
Spain García-Lago, Jaime Yllera 1918 Spain Aviación Nacional Trained as a pilot in Italy. Last member of the Blue Patrol.[74]
Spain López, José López 1916 Spain Nationalist Army Joined in 1936. Fought at the Ebro. Joined the Blue Division in 1942 and later served in Russia.[75]
Italy Maiorano, Domenico 11 July 1916 103 Italy Italian Royal Navy Enlisted as a volunteer in 1937.[76][77]
Spain Quintanilla, Procopio Angulo 8 July 1911 108 Spain Nationalist Army Joined in 1936.[78][79]
Italy Vangeli, Quinto 1 September 1919 100 Italy Italian Royal Navy Volunteered for service between 1938 and 1939. Served on the destroyer Freccia.[80]
Spain Saavedra, Manuel Aneiros 5 October 1917 102 Spain Nationalist Navy Survived the sinking of the Baleares during the Battle of Cape Palos.[81][82]

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