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Several Sultanates on the Comoros, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with an ethnically complex mix, were founded after the introduction of Islam into the area in the 15th century. Other uses depending on the island could also be styled fani, mfaume and ntibe. Unlike sultans in many other Arab nations, these sultans had little real power. At one time alone on the island of Ndzuwani or Nzwani (today Anjouan), 40 fanis and other chiefs shared power of the island; Ngazidja (today Grand Comore) was at many times divided into 11 sultanates. This article addresses the major ones.

The term Shirazis (derived from the former Persian capital Shiraz) is a reference to Iranian roots, largely mythical, in some dynasties. The Sultans of Hamamvu (Washirazi Sultans) are a surviving dynasty that claim origins in Persia line and carry an extant connection to the Washirazi people of the East African Coast.

The following five cities have been collectively proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage site:

They have not yet been inscribed as such.

Sultans of and on Ndzuwani (Anjouan)

Reign (start) Reign (end) Name Variations Notes
c. 1676 c. 1711 Halima II Halima Female ruler of Anjouan.
c. 1711 c. 1743 Salim
c. 1743 c.1792 Said Ahmad
c. 1792 c. 1788/1796 Abdallah I
c.1788 c.1792 Halima III Halimah or Alimah She ruled as a de facto ruler twice.
c.1796 c.1816 Alawi bin Husain Mwinye Fani
c.1816/ 1833 c.1832/1836 Abdallah II bin Alawi
c.1832 c.1833 Ali bin Salim
c.1836 c.1837 Saidi Alawi bin Abdallah
c.1837 c.1852 Salim bin Alawi
c.1852 c.1891 Saidi Abdallah bin Salim
c.1891 c.1891 Salim bin Abdalla
c.1891 c.1892 Saidi Omar bin Saidi Hasan
c.1892 c.1912 Saidi Mohamed bin Saidi Omar

Sultans on Ngazidja (Grande Comore)

Sultans of Bambao

Reign (start) Reign (end) Name Variations Notes
c. ??? c. ??? Ngoma Mrahafu
c. ??? c. ??? Mwasi Pirusa
c. ??? c. ??? Fum Mbavu Inkwaba
c. ??? c. ??? Mwenye Mji wa Mwenye Mambo
c.??? c.??? Inye wa Mantsi
c.??? c.??? Mwenye Mji wa Mwanze
c.??? c.??? Tambavu mna Muhame wa Saidi
c.??? c.??? Tambavu Inkwaba
c.?? c.??? Fum Nau wa Kori Dozi He was the first ruler of Bamboa to be given the title (Sultan) Tibe, i.e. Paramount ruler of the island.
c.??? c.??? Mwenye Mji wa Mvunza Panga
c.??? c.??? Mla Nau Second ruler with the hegemonic title Sultan tibe.
c.?? c.?? Fozi Wa
c.??? c.??? Suja Oma Inkwaba
c.??? c.??? Nyau wa Faume First remale ruler of Bamboa.
c.??? c.??? Nyau wa Faume First remale ruler of Bamboa.
c.??? c.??? Bamba Oma wa Ju Mamba He ruled a second after Ahmed bin Shekhe Ngome's first ruling period.
c.??? c.??? Ahmed bin Shekhe Ngome The fourth ruler to styled Sultan tibe. He ruled a second time after Mamba's brief second ruling period which was then again interrupted by a brief period of rule under Saidi Bakari followed by his third ruling period. (A possible explanation is a period of anarchy with multiple rulers).
c.??? c.??? Saidi Bakari
c.??? c.??? Mwenye Mambo
c.??? c.??? Ju Mamba
c.???/1874? c.???/??? Mohamed bin Ahmed He ruled twice in the 1800s the second time after Abdallah bin Saidi Hamza's first ruling period.
c.??? c.???
c.??? c.???
c.??? c.???
c.??? c.???
c.??? c.???
c.??? c.??? shah waPantat jumbu Kulup

Sultans of Itsandra

Styled "Mfaume" (in Shingazidja) or Mfalme (in Kiswahili)

  • Fey Owa Mbaya
  • Fey Mwenza
  • Fey Jumbe
  • Ju Mwamba Pirusa
  • Zombe Ilingo
  • Nguzo waInehili
  • Tibe waKanzu
  • Mkongo
  • Mna Musa Hibu
  • Muhammadi Saidi
  • Mvunza Panga
  • Fey Beja waWabeja(f)
  • Fum Nau waKori Dozi
  • Fey Fumu
  • Bwana Fumu
  • Fey Fumu (2nd time)
  • Bwana Fumu (2nd time)
  • Fey Fumu (3rd time)
  • Fum Mbavu
  • Musa Fumu waFey Fumu
  • Tibe Bamba
  • Musa Fumu waFey Fumu (2nd time)
  • Tibe Bamba (2nd time)
  • Musa Fumu waFey Fumu (3rd time)
  • Tibe Bamba (3rd time)
  • Musa Fumu waFey Fumu (4th time) (d. c.1883)
  • Tibe Bamba (4th time)
  • Kalega

Sultans of Mitsamihuli

Styled "Mfaume/Mfalme"

  • Mahame Msahi
  • Fozi waMahame
  • Mbantsi
  • Ju Mambu Madi waMusa Fumu
  • Jumbe Fumu Mfaume waDomba (possibly ruled jointly with Kori Dazi)
  • Kori Dazi
  • Jumbe Fumu Mfaume waDomba (as sole Mfaume)
  • Tambavu waJumbe Fumu
  • Fozi
  • Suja Fumu Mbamba (possibly ruled jointly with Mba Fumu wa Jumbe Fumu)
  • Mba Fumu waJumbe Fumu
  • Mba Fumu waTambwe (possibly ruled jointly with Jumbe Fumu wa Jumbe Mfumu)
  • Jumbe Fumu waJumbe Mfumu
  • Mbandhi waBwana Haji (possibly ruled jointly with Abdallah bin Ahmad)
  • Abdallah bin Ahmed
  • Bwana Fumu (reign ended c.1886)
  • mukou

Sultans of Washili

Styled "Mfaume/Mfalme"

  • Mohama Mdume waBeja
  • Fey Zinda waMawana
  • Fey Zinda waMakasara
  • Tambwe Musa Fumu
  • Tambwe waHabadi (possibly co-ruler with Mfaume Tambwe Musa Fumu)
  • Jumbe Fumu waMbala Bwani
  • Tambwe No Fumu waMba Nau (d. 1815)
  • Jumwamba Mwenye Majini
  • Mba Fumu waSuja Fumu Bamba
  • Shekhe Salim (possibly co-ruler with Mfaume Mba Fumu waShuja Fumu Bamba)
  • Mavunzanga
  • Tibe Mbe
  • Abudu


Sultans of Bajini

Styled "Mfaume/Mfalme"

  • Mwenye Bamba I
  • Bamba Jumbe
  • Tambe Mbafu waFum Nau
  • Ju Mamba Oma waMba Nau
  • Mwambatsi (co-ruler with Mfaume Ju Mamba Oma waMba Nau)
  • Mwenye Bamba II
  • Bamba Oma
  • Suja Oma waTambwe (co-ruler with Mfaume Bamba Oma)
  • Shekani (co-ruler with Mfaume Bamba Oma)
  • Fumu Oma
  • Oma waDari (co-ruler with Mfaume Fumu Oma) (d. 1884))
  • Ja Mhaba (f)
  • Hashimu bin Ahmed
  • Hadija bint Ahmed (f)
  • Hashimu bin Ahmed (2nd time)
  • 1886-89 uncertain Mfaume or interregnum
  • Hashimu bin Ahmed (3rd time)(d. 1889)

Sultans of Hambuu

Styled "Mfaume/Mfalme"

  • Beja Mbuyuni
  • Nau waMigira
  • Nau waMoro
  • Fumu Nau
  • Yasi Azi
  • Demani Mtango
  • Fumu Jimba waIdimani
  • Mahdi Jimbwa waTangwe
  • Dari waMba Nau (co-ruler with Mfaume Mahdi Jimbwa waTangwe
  • Jumbe Fumu waSuja Oma Inkwaba
  • Suja Oma waTambwe
  • Mrunda Mijo
  • Fey Mwando waTambwe (co-ruler with Mfaume Mrunda Mijo)
  • Bamba Oma waJumamba
  • Tambwe waHinye
  • Abudu bin Mohamed bin Sultani
  • Bamba Oma waOma (co-ruler with Mfaume Abudu bin Mohamed bin Sultani)

Sultans of Hamahame

Styled "Mfaume/Mfalme"

  • Nye Hila
  • Haji waNo Fumu
  • Suja Oma Mshinda Kodo
  • Jumbe Fumu Madi
  • Bwana Haji Musa
  • Simai
  • Dari Oma
  • Fumu Oma waNasiri
  • Suja Oma waFumu
  • Mba Fumu waBwana Haji
  • Suja Oma Bwana

Sultans of Mbwankuu

The Sultan was also styled Mfaume/Mfalme; the only known incumbent (no dates) was: Bwana Fumu.

Sultans of Mbude

Sultans (also styled Mfaume/Mfalme) (no dates available):

  • .... - .... Msa Mwinza
  • .... - .... Bamba
  • .... - .... Lwali
  • .... - .... Jumbe Fumu wa Tambwe
  • .... - .... Dari Mbamba
  • .... - .... Mwandhi Oma wa Jumbe Fumu
  • .... - .... Bamba Oma wa Suja Funu
  • .... - .... Jumbe Fumu Mna Mango
  • .... - .... Bamba wa Madi Jimba
  • .... - .... Jumbe Fumu wa Sinai

Sultans of Domba

The Sultan was also styled Mfaume/Mfalme; the only known incumbent (no dates) was: Febeja Mambwe.

Sultans of and on Mwali (Mohéli)

  • 1830-1842 - Ramanetaka (also Abderremane)(d. 1842)
  • 1842-1865 - Raketaka Jombe Sudy (f) (1st time) (c.1836-1878) (after 1851, Jumbe Fatima bint Abderremane)
  • 1842-1849 - Regency (Ravao (f), Tsivandini (through 1847))
  • 1865-1874 - Mohamed bin Saidi Hamadi Makadara (c.1859-1874)
  • 1874-1878 - Jumbe Fatima bint Abderremane (f) (2nd time) (c.1836-1878)
  • 1878-1885 - Abderremane bin Saidi Hamadi Makadara (c.1860-1885)
  • 1885-1886 - Mohammed Shekhe (b. c.1830)
  • 1886-1888 - Marjani bin Abudu Shekhe (b. c.1851)
  • 1888-1909 - Salima Machamba bint Saidi Hamadi Makadara (f) (never acceded) (1874–1964)
    • 1888-1889 - Regents (Fadeli bin Othman, Balia Juma (f), Abudu Tsivandini)
    • 1889-1897 - Mahmudu bin Mohamed Makadara, Regent (1863–1898)
  • 1909- French colony of Moheli

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