List of submissions to the 69th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

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The following 39 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 69th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (release at the country of origin November 1, 1995 - October 31, 1996, ceremony 1997).[1] Albania and the former Soviet republic of Georgia submitted films for the first time, as did Australia which submitted the multi-lingual Floating Life in Cantonese, English and German. Finland's submission was withdrawn before screenings began, and did not compete.

The highlighted titles were the five nominated films, which came from the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Norway and Russia. Czech Rupublic won the Oscar for its drama Kolya.[2]


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Albania Kolonel Bunker Albanian Kolonel Bunker Kujtim Çashku Not Nominated
 Algeria Hi Cousin! French, Arabic Salut cousin! Merzak Allouache Not Nominated
 Argentina Eva Peron Spanish Eva Perón Juan Carlos Desanzo Not Nominated
 Australia Floating Life Cantonese, English and German Floating Life Clara Law Not Nominated
 Austria Hannah German Hannah Reinhard Schwabenitzky Not Nominated
 Belarus From Hell to Hell German, Russian and Yiddish Из ада в ад Dmitriy Astrakhan Not Nominated
 Belgium The Eighth Day French Le huitième jour Jaco Van Dormael Not Nominated
 Brazil Tieta of Agreste Portuguese Tieta do Agreste Carlos Diegues Not Nominated
 Canada Not Me! French Sous-Sol Pierre Gang Not Nominated
 Colombia Oedipus Mayor Spanish Edipo Alcalde Jorge Alí Triana Not Nominated
 Croatia Nausikaya Serbo-Croatian Nausikaja Vicko Ruić Not Nominated
 Cuba Think of Me Spanish Pon tu pensamiento en mí Arturo Sotto Díaz Not Nominated
 Czech Republic Kolya Czech Kolja Jan Svěrák Won Academy Award
 Denmark Hamsun Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish Hamsun Jan Troell Not Nominated
 Finland Drifting Clouds Finnish Kauas pilvet karkaavat Aki Kaurismäki Disqualified[3]
 France Ridicule French Ridicule Patrice Leconte Nominated
 Georgia A Chef in Love French, Georgian, Russian შეყვარებული კულინარის 1001 რეცეპტი Nana Jorjadze Nominated
 Germany Deathmaker German Der Totmacher Romuald Karmakar Not Nominated
 Hong Kong Hu-Du-Men Cantonese 虎度門 Shu Kei Not Nominated
 Hungary Vaska Easoff Hungarian Haggyállógva Vászka Péter Gothár Not Nominated
 Iceland Devil's Island Icelandic Djöflaeyjan Friðrik Þór Friðriksson Not Nominated
 India Indian Tamil S. Shankar Not Nominated
 Israel Saint Clara Hebrew/Russian קלרה הקדושה Ari Folman & Ori Sivan Not Nominated
 Italy My Generation Italian Mia Generazione Wilma Labate Not Nominated
 Japan Gakko II Japanese 学校II Yoji Yamada Not Nominated
 Mexico Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman Spanish Entre Pancho Villa y una mujer desnuda Sabina Berman & Isabelle Tardans Not Nominated
 Netherlands Long Live the Queen Dutch Lang leve de koningin Esmé Lammers Not Nominated
 Norway The Other Side of Sunday Norwegian Søndagsengler Berit Nesheim Nominated
 Philippines Dead Sure Tagalog Segurista Tikoy Aguiluz Not Nominated
 Poland At Full Gallop Polish Cwal Krzysztof Zanussi Not Nominated
 Romania State of Things Romanian Stare de Fapt Stere Gulea Not Nominated
 Russia Prisoner of the Mountains Russian Кавказский пленник Sergei Bodrov Nominated
 Serbia Pretty Village, Pretty Flame Serbo-Croatian Лепа села лепо горе Srđan Dragojević Not Nominated
 Slovenia Felix Slovenian Feliks Božo Šprajc Not Nominated
 Spain Bwana Spanish Bwana Imanol Uribe Not Nominated
 Sweden Jerusalem Swedish Jerusalem Bille August Not Nominated
  Switzerland Les Agneaux French Les Agneaux Marcel Schüpbach Not Nominated
 Taiwan Tonight Nobody Goes Home Mandarin 今天不回家 Sylvia Chang Not Nominated
 Vietnam Gone, Gone Forever Gone Vietnamese Gate, gate, paragate Hồ Quang Minh Not Nominated


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