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The 66th Academy Awards, which were held on March 21, 1994,[1] saw 35 countries submit films for competition in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The Academy had initially invited 57 countries to send their best films, and the submission deadline was set on November 22, 1993. While the rules were basically unchanged, the applications for the 66th Academy Awards included a new form requesting information about the nationalities of the film's creative team, due to the controversy that had led to the disqualification of A Place in the World at the 65th Academy Awards.[2]

The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from Hong Kong, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. It was the first time that the majority of the nominees in this category came from outside Europe (it happened again in 1997, 2006, 2011 and 2018) and is the only time when there have been three Asian nominees. Vietnam made history by becoming the only Southeast Asian country ever to be nominated in this category (accurate as of 2013). The prize was ultimately awarded to Spain for the romantic comedy, Belle Epoque.[3]


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Original title Language(s) Director(s) Result
 Argentina Gatica, el mono Gatica, el mono Spanish Leonardo Favio Not Nominated[4]
 Austria Indien Indien German Paul Harather Not Nominated
 Belgium Just Friends Just Friends Dutch, French Marc-Henri Wajnberg Not Nominated[5]
 Bulgaria Canary Season Сезонът на канарчетата Bulgarian Evgeni Mihailov Not Nominated
 Canada The Sex of the Stars Le sexe des étoiles French Paule Baillargeon Not Nominated[6]
 Chile Johnny 100 Pesos Johnny cien pesos Spanish Gustavo Graef-Marino Not Nominated[7]
 China Country Teachers 凤凰琴 Mandarin Chinese He Qun Not Nominated[8]
 Croatia Countess Dora Kontesa Dora Serbo-Croatian Zvonimir Berković Not Nominated
 Denmark Black Harvest Sort høst Danish Anders Refn Not Nominated
 Finland Ripa Hits the Skids Ripa ruostuu Finnish Christian Lindblad Not Nominated
 France Germinal Germinal French Claude Berri Not Nominated[9]
 Germany Justiz Justiz German Hans W. Geißendörfer Not Nominated[10]
 Hong Kong Farewell My Concubine 霸王別姬 Mandarin Chinese Chen Kaige Nominated[9]
 Hungary We Never Die Sose halunk meg Hungarian Róbert Koltai Not Nominated
 Iceland The Sacred Mound Hin helgu vé Icelandic Hrafn Gunnlaugsson Not Nominated[11]
 India Rudaali रुदाली Hindi Kalpana Lajmi Not Nominated[12][13]
 Israel Revenge of Itzik Finkelstein נקמתו של איציק פינקלשטיין Hebrew Enrique Rottenberg Not Nominated
 Italy The Great Pumpkin Il grande cocomero Italian Francesca Archibugi Not Nominated[14]
 Japan Madadayo まあだだよ Japanese Akira Kurosawa Not Nominated[9]
 Mexico Cronos Cronos Spanish Guillermo del Toro Not Nominated[9]
 Netherlands Little Blond Death De Kleine blonde dood Dutch Jean van de Velde Not Nominated[15]
 Norway The Telegraphist Telegrafisten Norwegian Erik Gustavson Not Nominated[16]
 Peru Report on Death Reportaje a la muerte Spanish Danny Gavidia Not Nominated[17]
 Poland Squadron Szwadron Polish Juliusz Machulski Not Nominated[18]
 Portugal Abraham's Valley Vale Abraão Polish Manoel de Oliveira Not Nominated
 Romania The Conjugal Bed Patul conjugal Romanian Mircea Daneliuc Not Nominated
 Slovakia Everything I Like Všetko čo mám rád Slovak Martin Šulík Not Nominated[9]
 Slovenia When I Close My Eyes Ko zaprem oči Slovene Franci Slak Not Nominated[9]
 Spain Belle Epoque Belle Epoque Spanish Fernando Trueba Won Academy Award[9]
 Sweden The Slingshot Kådisbellan Swedish Åke Sandgren Not Nominated[9]
  Switzerland The Diary of Lady M Le journal de Lady M French Alain Tanner Not Nominated
 Taiwan The Wedding Banquet 喜宴 Mandarin Chinese, English Ang Lee Nominated [9]
 Turkey The Blue Exile Mavi Surgun Turkish Erden Kıral Not Nominated
 United Kingdom Hedd Wyn Hedd Wyn Welsh, English Paul Turner Nominated[9]
 Vietnam The Scent of Green Papaya Mùi du du xanh Vietnamese Tran Anh Hung Nominated[9]


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