List of shopping malls in Albania

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This is a list of shopping centers that currently operate within Albania.[1]


Toptani Shopping Center
Back entrance of Tirana East Gate mall
Name Retail space Shops
TEG 42,000 sq.m 150
Citypark 40,600 sq.m 180
Tirana Ring Center 24,000 sq.m 60
QTU 22,042 sq.m 70
Concord Center 20,000 sq.m 100
Mega Outlet (Casa Italia) 16,000 sq.m 50
Toptani Shopping Center 12,970 sq.m 80
Kristal Center 10,500 sq.m 40
Condor Center 10,000 sq.m 80
Galeria ETC 9,000 sq.m 70
ABA (Coin) 6,000 sq.m 5 floors


Name Retail space Shops
Flagship Center 15,000 sq.m 70
Galaktik 9,000 sq.m 55
Blue Star sq.m 30


Name Retail space Shops
Fier Trade Center 13,200 sq.m 60
Gold Center 7,735 sq.m 40

Other cities

Name Retail space Shops
Orti (Elbasan) 5,900 sq.m
QTU Riviera (Vlorë) 4,000 sq.m 35
QTPK (Korçë) sq.m 64
Metropol Center (Lushnje) sq.m

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