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This is a list of rulers of Prome (Pyay) from the end of Pagan period to the beginning of Restored Toungoo Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar). Strategically located at the border of the Hanthawaddy Kingdom, the city of Prome (Pyay) was governed closely by the central government throughout the Small Kingdoms period (1287–1555). Unlike in other locations, the high kings at Ava by and large did not allow hereditary viceroyship at Prome. A new governor, usually a senior prince close to the royal family, was appointed. The arrangement broke down in 1482 when the Prome Kingdom gained independence from Ava. In the early 17th century, Restored Toungoo kings abolished then existing hereditary viceroyships throughout the entire Irrawaddy valley.[note 1] After Pye Min, the office became strictly an appointed mayoralty, with the title of the office changed to wun (mayor/minister) from hitherto prevalent titles min (viceroy) or ne-sa (governor).[1]

List of rulers

The following list is per the standard Burmese chronicles Maha Yazawin and Hmannan Yazawin, unless otherwise noted.[2][3] The Yazawin Thit chronicle reports a slightly different list.[4] The summary lists of the rulers of Prome in both Maha Yazawin and Hmannan Yazawin are internally inconsistent in terms of dates with their own reporting in the narrative sections. See the individual articles for inconsistencies.

Name Term From Term Until Relationship to predecessor(s) Overlord Notes
Thihathu I 1275[note 2] 1288 Appointed Narathihapate (1275–87) In revolt (1287–88)
Pazzawta c. 1288 c. 1305 Chief Minister of Thihathu I Kyawswa (1289–97)
Myinsaing brothers (1297–1310)
According to Yazawin Thit
Kyaswa c. 1305 c. 1344 Younger brother of Thihathu I Myinsaing brothers (1297–1310)
Thihathu (1310–25)
Saw Yan Naung c. 1344 1377/78 Grandson of Thihathu I Pinya kings (c. 1344–64)
Thado Minbya (1364–67)
Swa Saw Ke (1367–77/78)
Elder brother of Swa Saw Ke of Ava
Myet-Hna Shay 1377/78 1388/89 Nephew Swa Saw Ke
Htihlaing 1388/89 1390 Appointed Swa Saw Ke
Letya Pyanchi 1390 c. April 1413 Appointed Swa Saw Ke (1390–1400)
Tarabya (1400)
Minkhaung I (1400–13)
Sokkate c. April 1413 July 1413 Appointed Minkhaung I Acting governor
Minye Kyawswa I c. July 1413 c. November 1413 Appointed Minkhaung I Minye Kyawswa Saw Shwe Khet, not the crown prince, per Yazawin Thit
Thihathu II c. November 1413 c. March 1417 Appointed Minkhaung I Later King Thihathu of Ava
Minye Kyawswa II c. March 1417 c. March 1422 Appointed Minkhaung I (1417–21)
Thihathu (1421–25)
Reappointed to be governor of Tharrawaddy
Min Maha c. March 1422 1429 Appointed Min Hla Nge (1425)
Kale Kyetaungnyo (1425–26)
Mohnyin Thado (1426–29)
Reappointed to be governor of Sagu
Thihathu III 1429 25 April 1442 Appointed Mohnyin Thado (1429–39)
Minye Kyawswa I (1439–42)
Later known as King Narapati I of Ava
Minye Kyawswa II 25 April 1442 January 1446 Appointed Narapati I Second term at Prome; Brother-in-law of Narapati I; Again reappointed to be governor of Tharrawaddy
Mingyi Swa January 1446 1482 Appointed Narapati I (1446–68)
Thihathura I (1468–80)
Minkhaung II (1480–82)
Thado Minsaw 1482 1526 Son of Narapati of Ava None Independent
Bayin Htwe 1526 c. December 1532 Son None Independent
Narapati c. December 1532 c. February 1539 Son Thohanbwa Vassal of Confederation of Shan States
Minkhaung c. February 1539 19 May 1542 Brother Thohanbwa Vassal of Confederation of Shan States
Thado Dhamma Yaza I 19 May 1542 30 August 1551 Appointed Tabinshwehti (1542–50) Tutor of Tabinshwehti; In revolt (1550–51)
Thado Dhamma Yaza II 30 August 1551 Nov/Dec 1588 Appointed Bayinnaung (1551–81)
Nanda (1581–88)
Younger brother of Bayinnaung
Thado Dhamma Yaza III 26 February 1589 15 September 1597 Appointed Nanda (1588–1594) Son of Nanda; in revolt (1595–97)
Yan Naing 17 September 1597 13 July 1608[5] Usurper None Independent; Taken to Ava as POW
Thado Dhamma Yaza IV 2 November 1620[6] 9 July 1628 Appointed Anaukpetlun (1620–28) Later known as King Thalun
Udein Kyawhtin June 1630[7] 1648? Appointed Thalun
Pye Min 13 September 1650 3 June 1661 Appointed Pindale

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  2. ^ Per scholarship (Yazawin Thit Vol. 1 2012: 326, footnote 1). Both standard chronicles Maha Yazawin (Maha Yazawin Vol. 2 2006: 163) and Hmannan (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 214) state that the city of Prome was reestablished by Thihathu of Prome, a son of Narathihapate, in 604 ME (1242/1243 CE). However, Thihathu could not have founded the city in 1242/1243 since his father Narathihapate was born only in 1238. Scholarship gives 1275.


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