List of rulers of Pate

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List of rulers of Pate

Located at Pate Island, Kenya.

Term Incumbent Notes
1203 Pate sultanate independence from Kilwa Kisiwani
Mfalume (Sultans)
Nabahani Dynasty
1688 to 1713 Bwana Mkuu, Mfalume
1713 to 17?? Bwana Tamu, Mfalume
1779 to 1809 Fumo Madi ibn Abi Bakr, Mfalume
1809 to 1813 Ahmad ibn Shaykh, Mfalume
1813 to 1818 Fumo Luti Kipunga ibn Fumo Madi, Mfalume
1818 to 18?? Fumo Luti ibn Ahmad, Mfalume
18?? to 1823 Bwana Shaykh ibn Fumo Madi, Mfalume 1st Term
1823 to 18?? Bwana Waziri ibn Bwana Tamu, Mfalume 1st Term
18?? to 18?? Bwana Shaykh ibn Fumo Madi, Mfalume 2nd Term
18?? to 1830 Bwana Waziri ibn Bwana Tamu, Mfalume 2nd Term
1830 to 1840 Fumo Bakari ibn Shaykh, Mfalume
1840 to 1856 Ahmad ibn Fumo Bakari, Mfalume, see Wituland
1856 to 1858 Ahmad Simba Balla ibn Fumo Luti, Mfalume
… Dynasty
1858 to 1870 Shaykh Muhammad, Mfalume
1870 State abolished

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