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This is a list of rivers of Peru, that are at least partially in Peru. The Peruvian government has published guidelines for the preparation of river flow studies in April 2015.[1]

Longest rivers

The lengths of the following 10 rivers are according to a 2005 statistical publication by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática listing the 44 most important rivers of Peru.[2]:21, pdf 13

River Length (km) yup Length (miles) Outflow
1. Jurua 3100 1926 Amazon
1. Ucayali 1,771 1100 Amazon
2. Marañón 1,414 879 Amazon
3. Putumayo 1,380 858 Amazon
4. Yavarí 1,184 736 Amazon
5. Huallaga 1,138 707 Marañón
6. Urubamba 862 536 Ucayali
7. Mantaro 724 450 Apurímac
8. Amazon 713 443 Atlantic Ocean
9. Apurímac 690 429 Ucayali
10. Napo 667 414 Amazon
11. Madre de Dios 655 407 Amazon

By Drainage Basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.[citation needed] Rivers longer than 400 kilometers[2] are in bold font.

Atlantic Ocean


  • Desaguadero River
    • Mauri River
    • Lake Titicaca
      • Ilave River
        • Huenque River
      • Coata River
      • Ramis River
        • Azángaro River
          • Carabaya River
        • Ayaviri River
      • Huancané River
      • Suches River

Pacific Ocean

Alphabetical list

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  • Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Instituto del Mar del Perú, Maritime Institute of Peru
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