List of recurring characters in the James Bond film series

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This is a list of the recurring characters and the cast members who portray them in the James Bond film series.

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  • A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film.
  • The following listing only includes recurring characters in the films series. Characters which only appear in one film are not included here.
  • 'M' and 'Q' are MI6 posts, not character names, so a change of actors may reflect an in-universe replacement; this was explicit for M in both GoldenEye (Judi Dench's character is referred to as a newcomer) and Skyfall (Ralph Fiennes' character, Gareth Mallory, replaces Dench's character as M), as well as Q in Die Another Day (John Cleese's character was an assistant to Desmond Llewellyn's Q in The World Is Not Enough). There is only one clear case of a single M, Q or Moneypenny character switching actor: when Q, Major Boothroyd, switches from Peter Burton (Dr. No) to Desmond Llewellyn (From Russia with Love).

Eon Productions films

Recurring characters in the James Bond film series[1]
Film James Bond
M Miss Moneypenny Q Felix Leiter Bill Tanner Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Franz Oberhauser
General Gogol Sir Frederick Gray Sylvia Trench Sheriff J.W. Pepper Jaws Jack Wade Valentin Zukovsky Charles Robinson René Mathis Mr. White
Dr. No Sean Connery Bernard Lee Lois Maxwell Peter Burton Jack Lord Eunice Gayson
From Russia with Love Desmond Llewelyn Anthony Dawson
Eric Pohlmannnb
Goldfinger Cec Linder
Thunderball Rik Van Nutter Anthony Dawson
Eric Pohlmannnb
You Only Live Twice Donald Pleasence
On Her Majesty's Secret Service George Lazenby Telly Savalas
Diamonds Are Forever Sean Connery Norman Burton Charles Gray
Live and Let Die Roger Moore David Hedison Clifton James
The Man with the Golden Gun Desmond Llewelyn Michael Goodliffe
The Spy Who Loved Me Walter Gotell Geoffrey Keen Richard Kiel
For Your Eyes Only James Villiers
Octopussy Robert Brown
A View to a Kill
The Living Daylights Timothy Dalton Caroline Bliss John Terry
Licence to Kill David Hedison
GoldenEye Pierce Brosnan Judi Dench Samantha Bond Michael Kitchen Joe Don Baker Robbie Coltrane
Tomorrow Never Dies Colin Salmon
The World Is Not Enough Michael Kitchen Robbie Coltrane
Die Another Day John Cleese
Casino Royale Daniel Craig Jeffrey Wright Giancarlo Giannini Jesper Christensen
Quantum of Solace Rory Kinnear
Skyfall Judi Dench
Ralph Fiennes
Naomie Harris Ben Whishaw
Spectre Ralph Fiennes
Judi Dench
[2] Christoph Waltz Jesper Christensen
  • nb The character is not seen close-up. Dawson provided the body and Pohlmann provided the voice work.

Non-Eon films

Recurring characters in the non-Eon James Bond films
Film James Bond M Q Miss Moneypenny Felix Leiter Ernst Stavro Blofeld René Mathis
Casino Royale David Niven John Huston Geoffrey Bayldon Barbara Bouchet Duncan Macrae
Never Say Never Again Sean Connery Edward Fox Alec McCowen Pamela Salem Bernie Casey Max von Sydow

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