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This is a list of radio stations in Canterbury in New Zealand.

During October 2010, several FM radio stations changed frequencies as spacing was being standardised to 0.8 MHz. Frequency changes continue as broadcast licences are renewed. Most frequencies are now spaced 0.8 MHz apart, with the first station at a frequency of 88.9 MHz. Infill stations are allocated to the 0.4 MHz frequency in the buffer between two other stations.

The Canterbury earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 have allowed community stations to play a greater role in the Canterbury community. Compass FM 104.9 FM has existed as a not-for-profit community radio station in the North Canterbury area since June 2011. Several radio stations have also ceased operation as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes. In Lyttelton, for instance, Volcano Radio 88.5FM was broadcasting 80 shows commercial-free from February 2008, but the quakes damaged equipment and forced the building to be demolished. Shows on the station included Project Lyttelton, Monday Report, children's programme Lyttelease, classical music show Vienna Volcano, and old school metal and hard rock show The Molten Metal.[1][2]

Christchurch and North Canterbury stations

The following stations broadcast in the Christchurch area including Sumner and the Hurunui District.

Most high-power FM radio stations serving Christchurch broadcast from the Sugarloaf transmitter, located on the Port Hills due south of the central city. Stations broadcasting from this transmitter also serve the majority of the Canterbury Plains, as far south as the Rangitata River. The suburb of Sumner is served by infill FM transmitters located at Southshore and Sumner Head, as hills block the signal from Sugarloaf.

Frequency[3] Station[4] Location[5] Format[5] Airdate[6] Previous stations on frequency
87.6 FM Life FM Christchurch LPFM Christian music 2011
87.8 FM Power Hit FM[7] Christchurch LPFM 2005
87.9 FM Ashgrove FM[8] Rangiora (Ashgrove School) LPFM 2009
88.0 FM Rollywood FM[9] Christchurch (Rolleston) LPFM
88.0 FM Flava Christchurch LPFM Hip Hop & R&B 2013 Country FM
2011: Shakey FM
88.1 FM Harmony FM Christchurch LPFM Christian radio 2010
88.3 FM The Wave[10] Christchurch (Sumner) LPFM
88.5 FM frequency no longer licensed for LPFM 2008-2011: Volcano Radio 88.5FM Lyttelton, Community radio
88.6 FM frequency no longer licensed for LPFM 1997: Prime Time Radio (previously Seaside Radio), Community radio Bromley
88.8 FM frequency no longer licensed for LPFM Alpine FM, Hanmer Springs
88.9 FM The Edge Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Pop music (2000s-2010s) 2017 2010: George FM
2011 - 2017: Mai FM
89.0 FM Defunct 2009 Christchurch (Sugarloaf) 1999 1999 - 2009: The Edge
89.2 FM Defunct 2009 Christchurch (Sumner Head) 1989 1989 - 2009 91ZM
89.3 FM Radio Hauraki Christchurch (Sumner) Mainstream rock 2009
89.7 FM RNZ Concert Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Classical music 1984
90.1 FM Coast Christchurch (Southshore) Pop music (60s-1970s) 2004
90.5 FM Tahu FM (formerly Te Reo Iriraki O Otautahi, 90.5 Tahu FM, Mai FM) Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Urban contemporary 1991
90.9 FM ZM Christchurch (Sumner) Pop music (2000s-2010s) 2009 ZM was previously on 89.2FM in Sumner
91.3 FM ZM (formerly ZMFM, 91ZM) Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Pop music (2000s-2010s) 1986
91.7FM Mix Christchurch (Southshore) Pop music (1980s-1990s) 2015
92.1 FM More FM Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Pop music (1980s-2010s) 1992
92.9 FM The Sound (formerly Solid Gold) Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Mainstream rock (1960s-1980s) 2001 1986 - 2001 C93FM (formerly known as 93 Gold, Classic Hits 93FM)
93.3 FM Flava Christchurch (Southshore) Contemporary R&B
93.7 FM The Rock Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Mainstream rock (1990s-2010s) 1999 1992 - 1999: Radio Pacific
94.5 FM The Breeze (formerly Lite FM) Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Easy listening (1980s-2010s) 1998 1994 - 1998: Easy Listening i94.5
94.9 FM More FM Christchurch (Southshore) Pop music (1990s-2010s) 1992
95.3 FM Mai FM Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Urban music 2017 2009 - 2017 The Edge
96.1 FM The 961 Sugarloaf (Christchurch) NZBS Campus radio Embr, Summit, Chalk, Jacked,The Attic, Mode, Alpha, Splat, Blush
96.5 FM The Hits 97.7
(formerly Classic Hits 97.7)
Christchurch (Southshore) Pop music (80s-2010s) 1993
96.9 FM Plains FM Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Access Radio 1988
97.7 FM The Hits
(formerly B98 FM, Classic Hits)
Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Pop music (2000s-2010s) 1991
98.5 FM RDU
(previously Radio U, UFM)
Christchurch (Marleys Hill, Ilam (backup transmitter only), Sumner Head) Community radio 1990s
99.3 FM Radio Live Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Talk radio 2006 1993 - 1997: Life 99.3FM
1997 - 1999: Southern Star
1999 - 2005: Channel Z
2005 - 2006: Kiwi FM
99.7 FM RNZ Concert Christchurch (Southshore) Classical music 1984
100.5 FM Radio Live Christchurch (Lyttelton) Talk radio
100.5 FM Continuous Music, no StationID;
Ola Taumafai Charitable Trust
Christchurch (Southshore) Country music 2017
100.1 FM Newstalk ZB Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Talk radio 2011
100.9 FM Voice of South Pole Christchurch (Huntsbury Hill) Chinese talk radio 2008
101.7 FM RNZ National Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Public radio 2004
102.5 FM Defunct 2015 Christchurch (Sugarloaf) 2005 - 2015: Kiwi FM
103.7 FM Compass FM Hanmer and Cheviot Community Radio
104.1 FM Niu FM Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Urban music 2002
104.9 FM Compass FM 104.9 Amberley (Mt Grey) Community Radio Pop music (1960s-1990s) 2011
105.7 FM Pulzar FM Christchurch (Huntsbury Hill) Dance radio 1999[11]
106.5 FM Radio Hauraki Sugarloaf (Christchurch) Mainstream rock (1990s-2010s) 2008
106.8 FM Life FM Rangiora LPFM Contemporary Christian music
106.8 FM Beep FM[12] Christchurch LPFM 2010 2006 - 2007:Globe FM

2008 - 2009: Euphoric FM

106.9 FM George FM Christchurch LPFM Dance radio
107.0 FM Thunder FM[13] Christchurch (Rolleston/Lincoln) LPFM Contemporary hit radio
107.3 FM VFM Aoraki Polytechnic Christchurch CBD LPFM
107.3 FM Bay Radio[14] Akaroa LPFM
107.3 FM XS80's [15] Christchurch (Huntsbury Hill) LPFM 1980s 2015
107.3 FM Gospel Radio Kaiapoi LPFM Community Radio 1998
107.5 FM Radio Addington[16] Christchurch (Addington) LPFM 2010
107.5 FM Radio Redwood[17] Christchurch LPFM
107.7 FM Just FM[18] Kaiapoi LPFM 1998
107.7 FM Chizzy Soundz
(Chisnallwood School)[19]
Christchurch LPFM 2010
107.7 FM Rotten Radio[20] Lyttelton LPFM 2013: Flava now on 88.0 and 93.3 FM
540 AM Radio Rhema Christchurch (Philpotts Rd) Christian music 2015
612 AM Star Radio Christchurch (Philpotts Rd) Christian music 1993
675 AM RNZ National Christchurch (Gebbies Pass) Public radio
738 AM Magic Christchurch (Marshland) Pop music (1950s-1970s) 2015 1999 - 2005: Radio Pacific
2005 - 2015: Radio Live
963 AM AM Network Christchurch (Gebbies Pass) Christian music 1990s  ?-2015: Southern Star
1017 AM Newstalk ZB Christchurch (Philpotts Rd) Talk radio 2011 2002 - 2002: Canterbury On Air
2003 - 2010: Radio Hauraki
1098 AM Newstalk ZB Christchurch (Bottle Lake) Talk radio 1994 Until 1994: 3ZB
1260 AM Radio Trackside
(formerly BSport, Radio Pacific)
Christchurch (Marshland) Sports radio 2005 1970s - 1990: Radio Avon
1990 - 1999: C93FM
1999 - 2005 Solid Gold
1323 AM Defunct 1996 Christchurch (Marshland) 1978 - 1986: 3ZM (broadcast on 1400AM 1973 - 1978)
1988 - 1994: Aotearoa Radio
1995 - 1996: Radio Liberty
1413 AM Radio Ferrymead Christchurch (Ferrymead Park) Pop music (1940s-1960s) 1980s
1503 AM Radio Sport
(previously Sports Roundup)
Christchurch (Bottle Lake) Sports radio 1994 1980s - mid 1990s New Zealand's Rhema
1593 AM Coast Christchurch (Philpotts Rd) Pop music (60s-1970s) 2004 Late 1990s: 88 Country
2001 - 2003: The Wolf
2003 - 2004: Easy Listening i

Mid Canterbury Stations

The following stations broadcast in the Ashburton or Mid Canterbury area.

Frequency[3] Station[4] Location[5] Format[5] Airdate[6] Previous stations on frequency
89.3 FM The Hits (formerly known as Classic Hits, 3ZE) Ashburton Adult contemporary music 2001
91.7 FM Life FM Ashburton Contemporary Christian music
92.5 FM Hokonui Ashburton Adult contemporary music 2014 2001 - 2014: The Hits (formerly known as Classic Hits, 3ZE)
93.3 FM The Edge Ashburton Contemporary hit radio 2002
94.1 FM Mt Hutt Radio Ashburton
94.9 FM Port FM (formerly Fox FM) Ashburton Adult hits
95.7 FM The Sound (formerly Solid Gold) Ashburton Classic rock 2002
96.5 FM Hokonui Ashburton Adult contemporary music 2001 - 2014: The Hits (formerly known as Classic Hits, 3ZE)
97.3 FM The Rock Ashburton Active rock 2002
98.1 FM Newstalk ZB Ashburton Talk radio
98.9 FM Port FM (formerly Fox FM) Ashburton Adult hits
99.7 FM Brian FM Ashburton Adult contemporary/Classic rock
101.3 FM RNZ National Ashburton Public Radio 2004
103.7 FM Magic Ashburton 50's 60's 2017
106.1 FM XS80s Ashburton 1980s music 2017
702 AM Radio Sport Ashburton Sports Radio
873 AM Newstalk ZB Ashburton Talk radio 2001 Until 2001: 3ZE
1071 AM Radio Trackside Ashburton Sports radio

South Canterbury Stations

The following stations broadcast from the South Canterbury area including the Mackenzie District, Waimate District and Timaru

Frequency[3] Station[4] Location[5] Format[5] Airdate[6] Previous stations on frequency
88.1 FM Waimate FM Waimate LPFM
88.4 FM Hospital FM Timaru LPFM
89.1 FM Tahu FM Timaru Urban contemporary 2000
89.4 FM Port FM Twizel Adult Hits 2017
89.9 FM Radio Live Timaru Talk radio
90.7 FM The Sound Timaru Classic rock
90.9 FM Port FM Omarama Adult hits
91.5 FM The Rock Timaru Active rock 2001
91.8 FM Radio Rhema Twizel Christian radio
92.3 FM The Edge Timaru Pop music
92.6 FM RNZ National Twizel Public radio
93.1 FM Port FM Timaru and Waimate Adult hits
93.4 FM RNZ National Tekapo Public radio
94.2 FM Port FM Twizel Adult hits
94.7 FM The Hits Timaru Adult contemporary music
95.0 FM Port FM Fairlie Adult hits
95.5 FM The Edge Timaru Pop music 2001
95.8 FM Radio Twizel Twizel Community radio
96.3 FM ZM Timaru Contemporary hit radio 2004
97.1 FM The Sound (formerly Solid Gold) Timaru Classic rock 2001
97.3 FM RNZ National Omarama Public radio
97.9 FM Port FM Timaru Adult hits
98.7 FM The Hits (formerly Classic Hits, 99FM, Radio Caroline) Timaru Adult contemporary music 1995 Broadcasting on 99.0FM prior to 2010
99.8 FM The Edge Twizel Pop music
98.9 FM The Edge Omarama Pop music
99.5 FM RNZ Concert Timaru Classical music
100.3 FM Kiwi Access Timaru
101.1 FM RNZ National Timaru Public radio
103.5 FM Magic Timaru 50's 60's 2017
104.3 FM Radio Rhema Timaru Christian radio
104.5 FM High Country FM Omarama Adult Hits 2014
104.6 FM The Sound Fairlie Classic rock
105.1 FM Life FM Timaru Contemporary Christian music
105.9 FM XS80s Timaru 1980s music
106.7 FM Just Country FM Timaru LPFM
107.5 FM Hospital FM Timaru LPFM
594 AM Southern Star Timaru Christian radio
918 AM RNZ National Timaru Public radio
981 AM Coast Timaru Pop music (60s-1970s) 2018 2015 - Southern Star
1152 AM Newstalk ZB Timaru Talk radio 2001 1949 - 2001: Radio Caroline, Classic Hits 99FM
1242 AM Radio Trackside (formerly LiveSport, BSport, Radio Pacific) Timaru Sports radio 2005
1494 AM Radio Sport Timaru Sports radio


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