List of mountains in North Macedonia

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Topography of North Macedonia
Landscape of Mount Korab
Landscape of Jakupica with the peak Solunska Glava at the center
Karadzica, part of Jakupica mountain range
Big Lake (2218 m) – glacier lake on Pelister Mountain
Dobra Voda peak on Celoica mountain viewed from the nearby village of Popojan, North Macedonia.
Spring aspect of Osogovo in Macedonia.

This is a List of mountains in the Republic of North Macedonia.

North Macedonia is a predominantly mountainous country. The average elevation of the terrain is 850 meters. Approximately 80% of the country consists of hills and mountains. The mountains are divided into two basic groups: on the one hand in the North-West the Šar Mountains mountain range that continues to the West Vardar/Pelagonia mountain range in the South-West and South (also known as Dinaric range). On the other hand, in the South-East the Osogovo-Belasica mountain chain (also known as the Rhodope range).
The Šar Mountains and West Vardar/Pelagonia mountain range is a continuation between the Dinaric Alps and Pindus mountain ranges, whereas the Osogovo-Belasica mountain chain is a continuation of the Rila-Rhodopes mountain massif.

Šar Mountains mountain range:

West Vardar/Pelagonia mountain range:

Osogovo-Belasica mountain range:

The mountains in the Osogovo-Belasica group are older mountains. They are spread across the eastern part of North Macedonia. The mountains in the Šar Mountains group are younger mountains, situated in the western and central part of the country. They are divided in 3 subgroups: area around the Vardar river, area around Pelagonia valley and the area in the north-western part of the country.

There are three national parks protected by law in North Macedonia: Pelister, Mavrovo and Galichica.

Following is a list of the most important Macedonian mountains:


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