List of mountains in Ecuador

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Mountains in Ecuador
Name Elevation m Range Notes
Chimborazo 6,310 Cordillera Occidental Ecuador's highest mountain
Cotopaxi 5,897 Cordillera Oriental Active Volcano
Cayambe 5,790 Cordillera Oriental Active Volcano
Antisana 5,758 Cordillera Oriental Active Volcano
El Altar/Capac-Urcu 5,319 Cordillera Oriental
Iliniza Sur 5,248 Cordillera Occidental
Sangay 5,230 Cordillera Oriental Active Volcano
Iliniza Norte 5,126 Cordillera Occidental
Tungurahua 5,023 Cordillera Oriental Active Volcano
Carihuairazo 5,018 Cordillera Occidental
Cotacachi 4,944 Cordillera Occidental Active Volcano
Sincholagua 4,873 Cordillera Central
Corazón 4,782 Cordillera Occidental
Pichincha 4,776 Cordillera Occidental Active Volcano
Chiles 4,723 Cordillera Occidental Active Volcano
Rumiñahui 4,722 Interandino
Imbabura 4,621 Interandino
Cerro Hermoso 4,571 Cordillera Oriental
Atacazo 4,455 Cordillera Occidental
Pasochoa 4,199 Interandino
Sumaco 3,780 Amazonía
Reventador 3,562 Amazonía Active Volcano
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