List of lost silent films (1910–14)

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This is a list of lost silent films that were released from 1910 to 1914.

Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1910 Il Trovatore Louis J. Gasnier, Ugo Falena Francesca Bertini, Gemma Farina, Alberto Vestri An adaptation, by Film d'Arte Italiana, of the Gutiérrez play, with a special music score adapted from Verdi. [1][2]
Jean and the Calico Doll Laurence Trimble Jean Helen Hayes stated in a 1931 interview that she appeared in two unspecified 1910 films starring the Vitagraph dog. [3]
1911 Back to the Soil Thomas H. Ince King Baggot, Mary Pickford, Owen Moore A drama short. [4]
The Better Way Ralph Ince King Baggot, Mary Pickford, Owen Moore A drama short. [5]
Billy the Kid Laurence Trimble Tefft Johnson, Edith Storey A one-reel western short. [6]
The Fisher-Maid Thomas H. Ince Mary Pickford, Owen Moore A short. [7]
For Her Brother's Sake Thomas H. Ince Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Jack Pickford, Thomas H. Ince A one-reel short. [8]
For the Queen's Honor Thomas H. Ince Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, King Baggot, George Loane Tucker, Isabel Rea A short. [9]
Her Darkest Hour Mary Pickford A short. [10]
His Dress Shirt Mary Pickford A short. [11]
The Immortal Alamo William F. Haddock Francis Ford Earliest film of the Battle of the Alamo, shot at the Alamo itself. [12][13]
Love Heeds Not the Showers Owen Moore Mary Pickford, Owen Moore A one-reel short. [14]
The Rose's Story Mary Pickford A short. [15]
Science Mary Pickford, King Baggot A short. [16]
Second Sight Mary Pickford A short. [17]
The Sentinel Asleep Mary Pickford A short. [18]
The Toss of a Coin Thomas H. Ince Mary Pickford, Irvin Willat, Ethel Grandin, Lottie Pickford A one-reel short. [19]
1912 The Honor of the Family Lon Chaney Thought by some to be Chaney's on-screen debut, though this is disputed. [20]
Honor Thy Father Mary Pickford, Owen Moore A one-reel short. [21]
Saved from the Titanic Étienne Arnaud Dorothy Gibson First film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Gibson was an actual Titanic survivor. [22][23]
1913 Adrienne Lecouvreur Louis Mercanton
Henri Desfontaines
Sarah Bernhardt A two-reeler. [24]
Almost an Actress Allen Curtis Louise Fazenda [25]
Back to Life Allan Dwan Pauline Bush, J. Warren Kerrigan, William Worthington A 20-minute short, with Lon Chaney. [26]
The Battle of Gettysburg Charles Giblyn, Thomas H. Ince Willard Mack, Charles K. French The film was reported to have been screened in France in 1973. Mack Sennett arranged to shoot Cohen Saves the Flag alongside the production of Gettsyburg, surreptitiously capturing Ince's battle sequences in his film at no cost to himself. This indirect footage survives.[27] [28]
Bloodhounds of the North Allan Dwan Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, William Lloyd A 20-minute short, with Lon Chaney. [29]
Caprice J. Searle Dawley Mary Pickford, Owen Moore [30]
The Crisis W. J. Lincoln Roy Redgrave, Godfrey Cass An Australian melodrama. [31]
An Elephant on His Hands Al Christie Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran, Ramona Langley A one-reel short. [32]
Evangeline Edward P. Sullivan, William Cavanaugh Laura Lyman, John F. Carleton The first Canadian feature-length movie. [33]
In the Bishop's Carriage Edwin S. Porter, J. Searle Dawley Mary Pickford [34]
Macbeth Arthur Bourchier Arthur Bourchier, Violet Vanbrugh The International Museum of Photography and Film at George Eastman House may have a print. [35]
Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn Maurice Elvey Nessie Blackford, Maurice Elvey On the BFI 75 Most Wanted list. [36]
A promotional Kinemacolor film of The New Henrietta Douglas Fairbanks The New Henrietta was a then-current stage adaptation of the very successful 19th century play The Henrietta which had starred William Henry Crane. The footage was not of the play, but instead depicted the cast relaxing "in their social hours." It was the first screen appearance of future movie star Douglas Fairbanks. [37]
Red Margaret, Moonshiner Allan Dwan Pauline Bush, Murdock MacQuarrie A two-reel short. [38]
The Restless Spirit Allan Dwan J. Warren Kerrigan, Pauline Bush [39]
The Sea Urchin Edwin August Jeanie Macpherson, Lon Chaney [40]
Shon the Piper Otis Turner Robert Z. Leonard, Joseph Singleton, Lon Chaney [41]
The Trap Edwin August Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, Cleo Madison, Lon Chaney A one-reel short. [42]
The Vampire Robert G. Vignola Harry Millarde, Marguerite Courtot, Alice Hollister The first film to offer the character of the "vamp," or femme fatale. [43]
The Werewolf Henry MacRae Clarence Burton, Marie Walcamp The first werewolf film, it was destroyed in a Universal fire in 1924 on East Coast. [44][45]
1914 The Birth of the Telephone Allen Ramsey? Thomas A. Watson as himself Watson was the person who received the first telephone call, from Alexander Graham Bell. The Kinetophone sound cylinder remains. [46]
A Celebrated Case George Melford? Alice Joyce, Guy Coombs, Marguerite Courtot [47]
The Crucible Edwin Stanton Porter, Hugh Ford Marguerite Clark Clark's second feature, based on the play by Mark Lee Luther. Re-released in 1919. [48]
Damaged Goods Thomas Ricketts Richard Bennett Bennett starred in the 1913 Broadway play Damaged Goods with Wilton Lackaye. [49]
The Escape D. W. Griffith Donald Crisp A rare silent feature on the subject of venereal disease, begun by Griffith as his first Reliance-Majestic film, but released nearly last. [50]
Fighting Death Herbert Blaché Rodman Law A thrill film starring early motion picture stuntman Rodman Law. Filmed in New York and New Jersey.
Hearts Adrift Edwin Stanton Porter Mary Pickford A film similar in theme to Henry De Vere Stacpoole's The Blue Lagoon. [51]
Her Friend the Bandit Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand The only lost film starring Chaplin. Rumors that it had been found in Argentina proved to be untrue. [52]
The Higher Law Charles Giblyn Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush [53]
The Hopes of Blind Alley Allan Dwan Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, George Cooper [54]
In the Clutches of the Gang George Nichols, Mack Sennett Fatty Arbuckle [55]
The Jungle George Irving, John H. Pratt George Nash, Gail Kane The only film version to date of Upton Sinclair's book of the same name. [56]
The Life of General Villa Christy Cabanne Pancho Villa A film about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, starring Villa as himself. [57]
The Man Who Disappeared Charles Brabin Marc McDermott, Herbert Yost A ten-part serial. [58]
The Million Dollar Mystery Howell Hansel A serial in 23 parts. [59]
A Night of Thrills Joe De Grasse Lon Chaney, Pauline Bush [60]
The Old Cobbler Murdock MacQuarrie Murdock MacQuarrie, Richard Rosson, Agnes Vernon This two-reel short was MacQuarrie's directorial debut. [61]
The Siege and Fall of the Alamo Ray Myers Four production stills and a review are held at the Library of Congress. [62]
Sperduti nel buio Nino Martoglio Giovanni Grasso, Virginia Balistrieri The only known copy of this movie was stolen in Rome by German soldiers during the Second World War, and then presumably lost. No other copy has been found since then. [63]
A Study in Scarlet George Pearson James Bragington The first feature-length adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story, it is on the BFI 75 Most Wanted list of missing films. [64][65][66]
Such a Little Queen Edwin S. Porter, Hugh Ford Mary Pickford Based on a play by Channing Pollock. [67]
The Trey o' Hearts Wilfred Lucas, Henry MacRae Cleo Madison, George Larkin A serial with 15 episodes. [68]


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