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Map of Djibouti
Djibouti, the national capital

This is a list of localities in Djibouti ordered by population according to the 2009 census. All settlements with a population over 10,000 are included.


Main cities

Cities in Djibouti
Rank Name Coordinates Population Region
Transcription Arabic
1 Djibouti City جيبوتي 11°35′18″N 43°08′42″E / 11.58833°N 43.14500°E / 11.58833; 43.14500 (Djibouti (city)) 475,322 Djibouti City
2 Ali Sabieh على صبيح 11°09′N 42°43′E / 11.150°N 42.717°E / 11.150; 42.717 (Ali Sabieh) 37,939 Ali Sabieh Region
4. Tadjourah تاجورة 11°47′N 42°53′E / 11.783°N 42.883°E / 11.783; 42.883 (Tadjourah) 14,820 Tadjourah Region
6. Obock أوبوك 11°58′N 43°17′E / 11.967°N 43.283°E / 11.967; 43.283 (Obock) 11,706 Obock Region
3. Dikhil دخيل 11°06′30″N 42°22′16″E / 11.10833°N 42.37111°E / 11.10833; 42.37111 (Dikhil) 24,886 Dikhil Region
5. Arta ارتا 11°31′N 42°50′E / 11.517°N 42.833°E / 11.517; 42.833 (Arta, Djibouti) 13,260 Arta Region

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