List of lakes of New Zealand

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This is a list of lakes in New Zealand.

A lake's location is identified by the region and the territorial authority. The watershed or catchment area is the geographical area of land that drains into the lake.

There are:

  • 41 lakes with a surface area larger than 10 km² (1000 ha)
  • 229 lakes greater than 0.5 km² (50 ha)
  • 3820 lakes greater than 0.01 km² (1 ha)


Lakes with a surface area of more than 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi)[citation needed]

Rank Name Surface area Region Notes
1 Lake Taupo 616 km2 (238 sq mi) Waikato Largest lake in New Zealand and the North Island, largest freshwater lake in Oceania
2 Lake Te Anau 344 km2 (133 sq mi) Southland Largest lake in the South Island
3 Lake Wakatipu 291 km2 (112 sq mi) Otago
4 Lake Wanaka 192 km2 (74 sq mi) Otago
5= Lake Ellesmere 180 km2 (69 sq mi) Canterbury
5= Te Whanga Lagoon 180 km2 (69 sq mi) Chatham Island Largest lake outside the North and South Islands
7 Lake Pukaki 179 km2 (69 sq mi) Canterbury
8 Lake Manapouri 142 km2 (55 sq mi) Southland Contains largest inland island within New Zealand, Pomona Island
9 Lake Hāwea 141 km2 (54 sq mi) Otago
10 Lake Tekapo 83 km2 (32 sq mi) Canterbury
11 Lake Rotorua 79 km2 (31 sq mi) Bay of Plenty
12 Lake Wairarapa 78 km2 (30 sq mi) Wellington
13 Lake Benmore 75 km2 (29 sq mi) Canterbury/Otago Largest artificial lake in New Zealand
14 Lake Hauroko 63 km2 (24 sq mi) Southland New Zealand's deepest lake
15 Lake Ohau 63 km2 (24 sq mi) Canterbury
16 Lake Waikaremoana 54 km2 (21 sq mi) Hawke's Bay
17 Lake Coleridge 47 km2 (18 sq mi) Cantebury
18 Lake Poteriteri 43 km2 (17 sq mi) Southland Largest lake in New Zealand without road access
19 Lake Brunner 40 km2 (15 sq mi) West Coast
20 Lake Tarawera 39 km2 (15 sq mi) Bay of Plenty
21 Lake Rotoiti 35 km2 (14 sq mi) Bay of Plenty
22 Lake Waikare 34 km2 (13 sq mi) Waikato
23 Lake Monowai 31 km2 (12 sq mi) Southland
24 Lake Aviemore 29 km2 (11 sq mi) Canterbury Artificial
25 Lake McKerrow 28 km2 (11 sq mi) Southland
26 Lake Dunstan 26 km2 (10 sq mi) Otago Artificial
27 Lake Kaniere 22 km2 (8.5 sq mi) West Coast
28= Lake Omapere 14 km2 (5.4 sq mi) Northland
28= Lake Sumner 14 km2 (5.4 sq mi) Canterbury
30 Lake Rotoaira 13 km2 (5.0 sq mi) Waikato
31= Okarito Lagoon 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi) West Coast
31= Lake Ohakuri 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi) Waikato Artificial
33 Lake Rotoma 11.2 km2 (4.3 sq mi) Bay of Plenty
+8 other lakes >10 km²


These five lakes are all in the South Island. The deepest lake in the North Island is Lake Waikaremoana which has a depth of 248 m.[1]

North Island


Northland Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Bulrush Lake 11ha
Half Mile Lagoon
Lake Half
Lake Humuhumu
Lake Kahuparere
Lake Kaiiwi
Lake Kaiwai
Lake Kanono
Lake Kapoai
Lake Karaka
Lake Karoro
Lake Kihona
Lake Manuwai
Lake Mokeno
Lake Morehurehu
Lake Ngakapua
Lake Ngakeketa
Lake Ngatu
Lake Omapere Kaikohe 14 km² Max depth - 3m
Lake Ora
Lake Otapuiti
Lake Owhareiti
Lake Parawanui
Lake Puhau
Lake Rotokawau
Lake Rotokawau
Lake Rotokawau
Lake Rotokereru
Lake Rotomata
Lake Rotootuauru
Lake Rotopouua
Lake Rotoroa
Lake Rototuna
Lake Rototuna Lower
Lake Taeore
Lake Taharoa
Lake Tairutu
Lake Tauanui
Lake Te Kahika
Lake Wahakari
Lake Waikanae
Lake Waikaramu
Lake Waikere
Lake Waimimiha
Lake Waingaro
Lake Waingata
Lake Wainui
Lake Waiparera
Lake Waiporohita
Lake Wairere
Lake Whakaneke
Lake Whirirau
Phoebes Lake
Salt Lake
Shag Lake
Split Lake
Swan Lake
The Big Lake
Waihopo Lake
Waitahora Lagoon


Many of the lakes in the Auckland Region are man made reservoirs, constructed in the hilly catchment areas of the Waitakere and Hunua ranges in order to provide a water supply for the Auckland urban area.

Auckland Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Cosseys Reservoir Manukau City Freshwater reservoir
Lake Karaka Rodney
Lake Kawaupaka Waitakere Dune lake
Lake Kereta Rodney
Lake Kuwakatai Rodney
Lake Ngakaru Rodney
Lake Okaihau Waitakere City
Lake Ototoa Rodney 1.39 km2 Dune lake
Lake Paekawau Waitakere City
Lake Piripoua Rodney
Lake Pokorua Franklin
Lake Poutoa Rodney
Lake Pupuke North Shore City Crater lake
Lake Whatihua Franklin Dune lake
Lake Waiataru Waitakere City Dune lake
Lake Wainamu Waitakere City Dune lake
Lower Huia Reservoir Waitakere City Freshwater reservoir
Lower Nihotupu Reservoir Waitakere City 0.53 km² Freshwater reservoir
Mangatangi Reservoir Franklin Freshwater reservoir
Pehiakura Lakes Franklin
Slipper Lake Rodney Dune lake
Spectacle Lake Rodney Dune lake
Tomarata Lake Rodney Dune lake
Upper Huia Reservoir Waitakere City Freshwater reservoir
Upper Mangatawhiri Reservoir Franklin Freshwater reservoir
Upper Nihotupu Reservoir Waitakere City 0.125 km² Freshwater reservoir
Wairoa Reservoir Franklin Freshwater reservoir
Waitakere Reservoir Waitakere City 0.25 km² Freshwater reservoir


Waikato Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Admirals Pool Tongariro River pool
Alum Lake 8ha[2]
Bain Pool Tongariro River pool
Barlows Pool Tongariro River pool
Beggs Pool Tongariro River pool
Big Bend Pool Tongariro River pool
Blue Lake Taupo 17ha[3] 71ha[3] on Mount Tongariro
Blue Pool Tongariro River pool
Boulder Pool Tongariro River pool
Breakaway Pool Tongariro River pool
Breakfast Pool Tongariro River pool
Cattle Rustlers Pool Tongariro River pool
Champagne Pool Rotorua Fed from a hot spring
Cherry Pool Tongariro River pool
Cliff Pool Tongariro River pool
Cobham Pool Tongariro River pool
Dans Pool Tongariro River pool
DeLatours Pool Tongariro River pool
Downs Pool Tongariro River pool
Duchess Pool Tongariro River pool
Emerald Lakes Taupo 1ha[3] 264ha[3] on Mount Tongariro
Fan Pool Tongariro River pool
Fence Pool Tongariro River pool
Graces Pool Tongariro River pool
Hamareha Lakes South Waikato 1ha[3] 1055ha[3]
Hardcastle Lagoon Taupo Oxbow lake
Henderson's Pond Waipa 0.88ha[4] 31ha[4] peat lake
Horseshoe Lake (Lake Waiwhakareke) Hamilton 3ha[4] 66ha[4] drains into Lake Rotokauri
Hydro Pool Tongariro River pool
Island Pool Tongariro River pool
Jellicoe Pool Tongariro River pool
Jones Pool Tongariro River pool
Judges Pool Tongariro River pool
Kamahi Pool Tongariro River pool
Kopuatai Burn Pools Hauraki district 2ha[4] 183.1ha[4] peat lakes on Kopuatai Peat Dome
Lake A (Lake Whakatangi) Waikato District 2.7ha[4] 170ha[4] peat lake
Lake Arapuni Mangakino 9 km² Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Aratiatia Taupo 60ha[3] 147,880ha[3] Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Areare Waikato District 33ha[4] 262ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Atiamuri 2.3 km2 Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake B (or Lake Kaituna)[6] Waikato District 12ha[4] 580ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake C (or Lake Komakorau)[6] Waikato District 2.6ha[4] 619ha[4] restoration study done[7]
Lake Cameron (Lake Kareaotahi) Waipa 3.4ha[4] 31ha[4] peat lake
Lake D (Lake Kainui) Waikato District 25ha[4] 132ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Disappear Waikato District up to 2 km long when full 599.5ha[4] Pakihi Stream dammed by lava flow (which also formed Bridal Veil waterfall) and drained through limestone sinkhole (see also Turlough (lake) and Polje)
Lake E (Lake Tunawhakaheke) Waikato District 6.7ha[4] 100ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Hakanoa Waikato District 52ha[4] 613ha[4] riverine lake,[8] aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Harihari Waitomo district 18.39ha 134ha[4] sand dune lake (see Lake Ototoa), aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Hinemaiaia 12ha[9] Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Hotoananga Waikato District 19ha[4] 71ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Karapiro Cambridge 7.7 km2 Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Kimihia Huntly 58ha[4] 1485ha[4] riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Kopuera Waikato District 52ha[4] 250ha[4] near Rangiriri
Lake Koraha Otorohanga district 0.8ha[4] 176.8ha[4] drains via a small cave
Lake Koromatua Waipa 9.9ha[4] 200 ha (490 acres)[4] Eutrophic lake[10] 22ha total area,[11] aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Kuratau Taupo 103ha[3] 18367ha[3] Hydroelectric reservoir
Lake Mangahia Waipa 8.4ha[4] 354ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Mangakaware Waipa 12.9ha[4] 238ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Maraetai 4.4 km² Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Maratoto Waipa 18ha[4] 88ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Milicich Waipa 2.2ha[4] 54ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Moananui South Waikato district 8ha[3] 2706ha[3]
Lake Ngāhewa Rotorua 8.4ha[4] 746ha[4] volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Ngakoro Rotorua 12ha[3] 235ha[3] geothermal
Lake Ngapouri Rotorua 23.5ha[3] 636ha[3] volcanic
Lake Ngaroto Waipa 108ha[4] 1846ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Ngarotoiti Waipa 3.4ha[4] 504ha[4] peat lake
Lake Numiti Waitomo district 15.776ha[12] near Taharoa
Lake Ohakuri 12 km² Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Ohinewai Waikato District 16ha[4] 347ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Okoroire South Waikato district 3.5ha[4] 147ha[4] peat lake
Lake Okowhao Waikato District 21ha[4] riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Opuatia Waikato District 6-7ha[4] peat lake
Lake Opouri Rotorua 26ha[9] 636ha[3] volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Orotu Rotorua 582ha[3] volcanic
Lake Otamatearoa Waikato District 4.9ha[4] 68.3ha[4] sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Parangi Otorohanga district 12.2ha[4] 122ha[4] sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Pataka Waipa 4.6ha[4] 55ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Pataka South (Lake Posa) Waipa 2.05ha[4] 95ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Patetonga Hauraki district 4.9ha[4] artificial tidal lake with sluice, for duck shooting
Lake Penewaka Waikato District 4ha[4] in Lake Waikare wildlife management reserve
Lake Pikopiko Waikato District 6.4ha[4] 94ha[4]
Lake Piopio Waitomo district 0.2ha[4] 28ha[4] sand dune lake near Taharoa
Lake Puketi Waikato District 0.059 km²[13] 114.1ha[4] sand dune lake,[14] aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Puketirini Waikato District 104ha[15] Weavers opencast coal-mine until December 1993
Lake Rotoaira Taupo 13 km² 14190ha[3] volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotohoko South Waikato district
Lake Rotoiti Waikato District 1.2ha[4] 41.93ha[4] sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotokaeo (Forest Lake) Hamilton 3.1ha[4] peat lake
Lake Rotokaraka Waikato District 6-7ha[4]
Lake Rotokauri Hamilton 42ha[4] 933ha[4] near Rotokauri, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotokawa Taupo 62ha[3] 1090ha[3] geothermal
Lake Rotokawau Waikato District 22ha[4] 1804ha[4] peat lake linked to Lake Waikare, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotokotuku Waitomo district 1.1ha[4] 18.5ha[4] peat lake
Lake Rotomanuka Waipa 12.3ha (North) 5.4ha (South)[4] 479ha[4] peat lakes, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotongaio Taupo 34ha[3] 506ha[3] volcanic
Lake Rotongaro Waikato District 292ha[4] 1950ha[4] riverine lake linked to Lake Rotongaroiti, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotongaroiti Waikato District 23ha[4] 2105ha[4] riverine lake linked to Lake Rotongaro, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotongata Waipa 5.3ha[4] 144ha[4] peat lake
Lake Rotopotaka Waipa 2.8ha[4] 76ha[4] peat lake
Lake Rotopounamu Taupo 5.5ha[4] 525ha[4] Crater lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton) Hamilton 55ha[4] 258ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Rotoroa (Taharoa) Waitomo district 22.4ha[4]
Lake Rototapu Waitomo district 2ha[4] 28ha[4] sand dune lake near Taharoa
Lake Ruatuna Waipa 13ha[4] 190ha[4] peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Serpentine (Rotopiko) Waipa 5.3 ha (north) 8.3 ha (south) 1.6 ha (east)[4] 163ha[4] peat lakes, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Taharoa Waitomo district 216ha[4] sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Taupo (Taupomoana) Taupo 616 km² Crater lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Te Kapa Waikato District 1ha[4] peat lake
Lake Te Ko Utu Waipa 6ha[3] 416ha[3] Oxbow lake
Lake Te Rotopupu Otorohanga district 0.95ha[4] 240ha[4] sand dune lake
Lake Tutaeinanga Rotorua 3.1ha[4] 501ha[4] volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Waahi Waikato District 522ha[16] 9221ha[4] riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Waikare Te Kauwhata 34 km² 210km2[4] riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Waipapa Taupo 150ha[3] 25409ha[3] Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Waitamoumou Waikato District 2.4ha[4] sand dune lake (see Lake Ototoa)
Lake Waiwhata Waikato District 8.9ha[4] peat lake
Lake Whakamaru Taupo 780ha[3] 81,148ha[3] Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Lake Whangape Waikato District 1450ha[4] 317km2[4] riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Leesons Pond Matamata- Piako district 3-4ha[4] peat lake
Log Pool Tongariro River pool
Lonely Pool Tongariro River pool
Lower Birch Pool Tongariro River pool
Major Jones Pool Tongariro River pool
Never Fail Pool Tongariro River pool
Parkinsons Lake (Kohahuake) Waikato District 1.92 ha 107.7ha[4] Eutrophic sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[5]
Poplar Pool Tongariro River pool
Poutu Pool Tongariro River pool
Pukuriri Lagoon Taupo
Red Hut Pool Tongariro River pool
Reed Pool Tongariro River pool
Rotowhero (Green Lake) Rotorua 2.6ha[3] 1101ha[3] geothermal
Sand Pool Tongariro River pool
Shag Pool Tongariro River pool
Shaw Reach Tongariro River pool
Silly Pool Tongariro River pool
Smallmans Reach Tongariro River pool
Stag Pool Tongariro River pool
Sulphur Lagoon Taupo 2ha[3] 197ha[3] volcanic
Swirl Pool Tongariro River pool
Te Otamanui Lagoon Waikato District 5.4ha[4] alluvial and pumice dammed valley
The Bend Tongariro River pool
The Bends Pool Tongariro River pool
The Boulevard Tongariro River pool
The Rip Tongariro River pool
The Stones Tongariro River pool
Upper Birch Pool Tongariro River pool
Upper Island Pool Tongariro River pool
Waddells Pool Tongariro River pool
Whangioterangi (Echo Lake) Rotorua 5ha[3] 70ha[3] geothermal
Whiritoa Lagoon Thames Coromandel at Whiritoa
Whitikau Pool Tongariro River pool
Willow Reach Tongariro River pool

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty Region
Lake District Area Watershed district Notes
Arohaki Lagoon (formerly Arahaki Lagoon)
Black Lake Mayor Island
Crater Lake White Island
Flaxy Lake
Frying Pan Lake
Hinemoa Pool, Mokoia Island Rotorua
Inferno Crater Lake
Lake Aniwhenua 2.55 km²
Lake Aroarotamahine Mayor Island
Lake Mangatutara
Lake Matahina
Lake Maui
Lake McLaren
Lake Ngawhero
Lake Okareka Rotorua
Lake Okaro Rotorua
Lake Okataina Rotorua
Lake Onerahi
Lake Otumahi
Lake Pouarua
Lake Pupuwharau Kawerau
Lake Rerewhakaaitu Rotorua
Lake Rotoatua
Lake Rotoehu Rotorua
Lake Rotoiti Rotorua 35 km2
Lake Rotoitipaku
Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake) Rotorua
Lake Rotokawa Rotorua
Lake Rotokawau
Lake Rotoma Rotorua
Lake Rotomahana Rotorua
Lake Rotongata (Mirror Lake)
Lake Rotoroa
Lake Rotorua Rotorua 79 km2
Lake Tahuna
Lake Taikehu
Lake Tamurenui
Lake Tarawera Rotorua 39 km2
Lake Te Hapua
Lake Te Rotoroniu
Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) Rotorua
Lake Waikoura Matakana
Opal Lake Rotorua
Southern Crater Lake
Te Matahi Lagoon
Te Onewhero Lagoon
Te Whekau Lagoon
Whakarewarewa Lagoon Rotorua


Gisborne Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Lake Karangata
Lake Repongaere
Lake Rotokaha
Otopotehetehe Lake
Tiniroto Lakes
Wherowhero Lagoon

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Awamate Lagoons
Blue Lake
Hatuma Lake Central Hawke's Bay 1.6 km2
Hine Rere
Horseshoe Lake Central Hawke's Bay
Kaipo Lagoon
Lake Horotea
Lake Kaitawa
Lake Kiriopukae
Lake Oingo Hastings 0.8 km2
Lake Opouahi
Lake Orakai
Lake Pohue
Lake Poukawa Hastings 1.4 km2
Lake Rotongaio
Lake Rotonuiaha 0.44 km2
Lake Rotopounamu
Lake Rotoroa
Lake Ruapani
Lake Ruapapa
Lake Runanga Hastings 1.1 km2
Lake Tamaharau
Lake Tūtira 1.8 km2
Lake Waikareiti Wairoa
Lake Waikaremoana Wairoa 54 km2
Lake Waikopiro
Lake Whakamarino
Lake Whalehole
Lake Wherowhero
Long Range Lake
Maungawhio Lagoon
Nga Whanau A Ruapani Tarns
Ngamotu Lagoon
Ngutu Manu
Ohuia Lagoon
Potaka Lake
Purimu Lake
Rotoataha Lake
Runanga Lake
Te Paeroa Lagoon
Te Roto Kare
Te Rotookiwa
Te Whakatutu
The Lakes
Wairau Lagoon
Whakaki Lagoon Wairoa 4.7 km2
Whakamahi Lagoon
Whano O Ruapani


Taranaki Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Barrett Lagoon
Lake Dive
Lake Herengawe
Lake Mangamahoe
Lake Mangawhio
Lake Moumahaki
Lake Okoia
Lake Oturi
Lake Ratapiko
Lake Rotokare
Lake Rotokohu
Lake Rotomanu
Lake Rotorangi
Lake Waiau
Lake Waikare
Lake Waikato
Murphys Lake
Tapuarau Lagoon
Waipu Lagoons


Manawatu/Wanganui Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Coe's Hole
Crater Lake
Kaitoke Lake
Karere Lagoon
Lake Alice Rangitikei District
Lake Bernard
Lake Colenso (Kokopunui)
Lake Dudding
Lake Hawkes
Lake Heaton
Lake Herbert
Lake Hickson
Lake Horowhenua
Lake Kaikokopu
Lake Kohata
Lake Koitiata
Lake Koputara
Lake Marahau
Lake Maungarataiti
Lake Maungaratanui
Lake Meremere
Lake Moawhango
Lake Namunamu
Lake Ngaruru
Lake Oraekomiko
Lake Otamangakau
Lake Otamataraha
Lake Papaitonga
Lake Pauri
Lake Poroa
Lake Pounamu
Lake Rotokauwau
Lake Rotokura
Lake Rotokura
Lake Rotorua
Lake Surprise
Lake Te Whaiau
Lake Vipan
Lake Virginia
Lake Waipu
Lake Waiwahi
Lake Westmere
Lake William
Lake Wiritoa
Lower Tama
Mahangaiti Lake
Makirikiri Tarns
Mangahao Lower No. 2 Reservoir
Mangahao Upper No. 1 Reservoir
Marton Reservoirs
Ohinetonga Lagoon
Omanuka Lagoon
Pukepuke Lagoon
Tokomaru No. 3 Reservoir
Turitea Dams
Upper Tama


Wellington Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Battery Pond South Wairarapa
Boggy Pond Lagoon South Wairarapa
Cannons Creek Lake Porirua
Horseshoe Lagoon South Wairarapa
Lake Huritini Horowhenua
Lake Kohangapiripiri Pencarrow
Lake Kohangatera Pencarrow
Lake Kopureherehere Horowhenua
Lake Nganoke South Wairarapa
Lake Onoke South Wairarapa
Lake Pounui South Wairarapa
Lake Waiorongomai Horowhenua
Lake Wairarapa South Wairarapa 78 km2
Lake Waitawa Otaki
Ngatotara Lagoon Horowhenua
Okupe Lagoon Kapiti Island
Totara Lagoon Waikanae
Waimeha Lagoon
Whitby Lake (Lower) Porirua
Whitby Lake (Upper) Porirua

South Island


Tasman Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Adelaide Tarn
Bessons Dam
Black Lakes
Blue Lake
Boulder Lake
Bowscale Tarn
Camp Lake
Cleopatras Pool
Cobb Reservoir
Lake Constance
Darby Pond
Dew Lakes
Diamond Lake
Fish Lake
Gillows Dam
Hinapouri Tarn
Iron Lake
Island Lake
Island Lake
Kaihoka Lakes
Kinzett Tarn
Lake Angelus
Lake Aorere
Lake Barfoot
Lake Bellbird
Lake Caslani
Lake Clara
Lake Cobb
Lake Daniell
Lake Dora
Lake Ella
Lake Elmer
Lake Fiddle
Lake Hanlon
Lake Henderson
Lake Jeanette
Lake Jewell
Lake Killarney
Lake Lillie
Lake Lindsay
Lake Lockett
Lake Marina
Lake Matiri
Lake Otuhie
Lake Peel
Lake Perrine
Lake Phyllis
Lake Rahui
Lake Rochfort
Lake Rotoiti
Lake Rotopai
Lake Rotoroa
Lake Sedgemere
Lake Sparrow
Lake Stanley
Lake Sylvester
Lake William
Little Sylvester Lake
Luna Lake
Mirror Tarn
Moonstone Lake
Morgan Tarn
Mueller Tarn
Okari Lagoon
Orowaiti Lagoon
Round Lake
Ruby Lake
Rush Pool
Saddle Lakes
Shag Tarn
Swampy Tarn
Townson Tarn


Marlborough Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Argyle Pond
Big Lagoon
Chandlers Lagoon
Lake Alexander
Lake Chalice
Lake Grassmere/Kapara Te Hau
Lake Jasper
Lake McRae
Lake Rotorua
Lake Timara
Upper Lagoon
Lake Elterwater

West Coast

West Coast Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Abel Lake
Alpine Lake/Ata Puai
Bell Dam
Boil Hole
Charlies Ponds
Cloudmaker Lake
Delta Tarn
Disappearing Lake
Five Mile Lagoon
Hikimutu Lagoon
Ice Lake
Ivory Lake
Kangaroo Lake
Kapitia Reservoir
Kumara Reservoir
Lady Lake
Lake Ahaura
Lake Anna
Lake Arthur
Lake Avernus
Lake Barra
Lake Barrowman
Lake Browning/Whakarewa
Lake Brunner (Moana)
Lake Bux
Lake Christabel
Lake Dan
Lake Darby
Lake Dime
Lake Douglas
Lake Eggeling
Lake Ellery
Lake Florence
Lake Gault
Lake Gibbs
Lake Greaney
Lake Hamer
Lake Haupiri
Lake Hochstetter
Lake Ianthe/Matahi
Lake Ida
Lake Joan
Lake Julia
Lake Jumbuck
Lake Kaniere
Lake Kaurapataka
Lake Kini
Lake Law
Lake Leeb
Lake Lyes
Lake Lyttle
Lake Mahinapua
Lake Mapourika
Lake Margaret
Lake Mary
Lake Matheson
Lake Miro
Lake Misery
Lake Moeraki
Lake Morgan
Lake Mudgie
Lake Mueller
Lake Nisson
Lake Nivalus
Lake Paringa
Lake Poerua
Lake Porm
Lake Pratt
Lake Rasselas
Lake Roto Te Koeti
Lake Rotokino
Lake Ruby
Lake Ryan
Lake Sally
Lake Swan
Lake Sweeney
Lake Tarleton
Lake Topsy
Lake Wahapo
Lake Whitestone
Lake Windemere
Lake Wombat
Macs Lagoon
Manks Tarn
Minim Mere
Ogilvie Lagoon
Okarito Lagoon
Okuku Reservoir
Otoko Lake
Ounatai Lagoon
Peters Pool
Pororari Lagoon
Pukaki Lagoon
Reid Lake
Saddle Lake
Saltwater Lagoon
Smiths Ponds
Surprise Ponds
Swans Retreat Lagoon
Tawharekiri Lakes
Teal Tarn
Theta Tarn
Three Mile Lagoon
Totara Lagoon
Tukes Lagoons
Waiatoto Lagoon
White Heron Lagoon
Woodhen Pond
Zalas Pond


Canterbury Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Acland Lagoon
Albert Lake
Amberley Beach Lagoon
Ariels Tarns
Ashworths Ponds
Blackwater Lake
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lakes
Boltons Gully Lagoon
Boundary Tarns
Braemar Kettleholes
Brooklands Lagoon Christchurch
Casey Tarn
Cluster Tarns
Coopers Lagoon/Muriwai
Forks Lagoon
Fred's Tarn
Glenmore Tarns
Grebe Tarn
Hartley Tarn
Hooker Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Jimmeys Lagoon
Kaituna Lagoon
Lake Alexandrina
Lake Aviemore
Lake Camp
Lake Catherine
Lake Clearwater
Lake Coleridge
Lake Crichton
Lake Denny
Lake Donne
Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora)
Lake Emily
Lake Emma
Lake Evelyn
Lake Forsyth (Wairewa)
Lake George Scott
Lake Georgina
Lake Grace
Lake Grasmere
Lake Guyon
Lake Hawdon Named after Joseph Hawdon
Lake Henrietta
Lake Heron
Lake Ida
Lake Janet
Lake Letitia
Lake Lilian
Lake Lyndon
Lake Man
Lake Marion
Lake Mary
Lake Marymere
Lake Mason
Lake Mason
Lake Mavis
Lake McGregor
Lake Merino
Lake Minchin
Lake Murray
Lake Ohau
Lake Paget
Lake Pearson
Lake Poaka
Lake Pukaki
Lake Roundabout
Lake Ruataniwha
Lake Rubicon
Lake Sarah
Lake Selfe 33ha[17] or 0.65km2[18] Oligotrophic lake[18]
Lake Sheppard
Lake Stella
Lake Sumner
Lake Taylor
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tennyson
Lake Thompson
Lake Trinity
Lake Wardell
Lambies Lagoon
Leithfield Beach Lagoon
Little Lake
Loch Cameron
Loch Katrine
Manuka Lake
Maori Lakes
Margarets Tarn
Mata Kopae
Mimimoto Lagoon
Morris Tarn
Muddy Lakes
Mystery Lake
Mystery Tarn
Paradise Lake
Patersons Ponds
Phantom Lagoon
Pierce Pond
Princess Bath
Quagmire Tarn
Rakaia Lagoon
Rapuwai Lagoon
Raupo Pond
Red Lakes
Red Tarns
Roys Lagoon
Scott Pond
Seagull Lake
Spider Lagoon
Spider Lakes
Stony Tarn
Sunday Tarn
Swan Lagoon
Tasman Lake
The Black Hole
Trig 'N' Tarn
Tui Tarn
Tutaepatu Lagoon
Twin Lakes
Vagabonds Inn
Wainono Lagoon
Washdyke Lagoon
Windy Tarn


Otago Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Arethusa Pool Lake on an island (Mou Waho Island) on a lake on an island
Blue Lake Created by gold mining operations
Butchers Dam
Catlins Lake Clutha
Coalpit Dam
Conroys Dam
Crescent Lake
Crucible Lake
Diamond Lake Queenstown-Lakes Near Glenorchy Paradise Road
Diamond Lake Queenstown-Lakes Near Lake Wanaka
Downeys Dam
Dukes Tarn
Dumb-bell Lake
Falls Dam
Fohn Lakes
Fraser Dam
Greenland Reservoir
Hawkers Dam
Hawksbury Lagoon
Hoffmans Dam
Idaburn Dam Central Otago
Kaikorai Lagoon Dunedin City
Kellands Pond
Knights Dam
Lake Agnes
Lake Alabaster/Wāwāhi Waka Southland 4.2 km²
Lake Alta Queenstown-Lakes
Lake Benmore 74 km²
Lake Castalia
Lake Diana
Lake Dispute Queenstown-Lakes
Lake Dunstan Central Otago
Lake Harris Queenstown-Lakes Along the Routeburn Track
Lake Hāwea Queenstown-Lakes 141 km²
Lake Hayes Queenstown-Lakes 2.0 km²
Lake Hope
Lake Hyslop
Lake Iceberg
Lake Isobel
Lake Johnson Queenstown-Lakes
Lake Kirkpatrick Queenstown-Lakes
Lake Luna
Lake Mahinerangi 18.6 km²
Lake Mantle
Lake McKay
Lake McKerrow/Whakatipu Waitai 18.3 km²
Lake Middleton
Lake Mystery
Lake Nerine
Lake Never
Lake Onslow 3.5 km²
Lake Reid
Lake Rere Queenstown-Lakes Along the Greenstone Track
Lake Roberts
Lake Roxburgh Central Otago 6 km²
Lake Speden
Lake Sylvan Queenstown-Lakes
Lake Truth
Lake Tuakitoto Clutha 3.4 km²
Lake Unknown/Lake Dave
Lake Waihola Clutha 6.1 km²
Lake Waipori 2.3 km²
Lake Waitaki Waitaki 5.6 km²
Lake Wakatipu Queenstown-Lakes 293 km²
Lake Wanaka Queenstown-Lakes 193 km²
Lake Wilkie Clutha 1.7 ha
Lake Williamson
Lake Wilmot 1.7  km²
Lake Wilson Queenstown-Lakes
Lindsays Tarn
Loch Luella
Lower Manorburn Dam
Lucidus Lake
Malones Dam
Manorburn Reservoir 1.6 km²
McKenzie Lagoon
Milburns Pond (Victoria Dam)
Moa Creek Reservoir
Moke Lake Queenstown-Lakes
Phoenix Dam
Pinders Pond
Poolburn Reservoir 4.0 km²
Raupo Lagoon
Red Lagoon
Ross Creek Reservoir Dunedin City
Salt Lake
Sheehey Lake
Southern Reservoir
Sullivans Dam Dunedin City
Swan Lagoon
Tomahawk Lagoon Dunedin City 0.30 km² 4.66 km²
Wairepo Arm
West Eweburn Dam


Southland Region
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Acheron Lakes
Big Lagoon
Black Lake
Blue Lake
Bog Lake
Buttercup Lake
Deadwood Lagoon
Double Lakes Stewart Island
False Lake
Gair Loch
Gem Lake
Green Lake
Hidden Lake
Island Lake
Jane Lake
Lake Ada 2.5 km² Along the Milford Track
Lake Adelaide 1.7 km²
Lake Alexander Stewart Island
Lake Alice 1.7 km²
Lake Annie
Lake Astelia
Lake Beattie
Lake Beddoes
Lake Bennett
Lake Bernard
Lake Bloxham
Lake Boomerang
Lake Bright
Lake Brown
Lake Browne
Lake Brownlee
Lake Brunton
Lake Cadman 1.7 km²
Lake Calder Stewart Island
Lake Carina
Lake Carrick
Lake Cecil
Lake Chamberlain
Lake Charles
Lake Clark
Lake Colwell
Lake Cook
Lake Dale
Lake Dobson
Lake Dora
Lake Duncan
Lake Earnshaw
Lake Echo
Lake Erskine
Lake Esau
Lake Eva
Lake Eyles
Lake Fergus
Lake Forest
Lake Forster
Lake Fraser
Lake Freeman
Lake George 1.5 km²
Lake Gow
Lake Grave 1.7 km²
Lake Gunn 1.7 km²
Lake Hakapoua 5.0 km²
Lake Hall
Lake Hankinson 2.5 km²
Lake Hauroko 68.3 km²
Lake Hay
Lake Hector
Lake Henry
Lake Herries
Lake Hilda 1.7 km²
Lake Horizon
Lake Howden
Lake Iceberg
Lake Innes
Lake Ione
Lake Jaquiery
Lake Kakapo
Lake Katherine
Lake Kirirua On Anchor Island
Lake Kiwi
Lake Laffy
Lake Laura
Lake Lochie
Lake Lois
Lake Louise
Lake Lucille
Lake Lucy
Lake Luxmore
Lake Macarthur 1.0 km²
Lake Mackinnon
Lake Mainwaring
Lake Manapouri 153 km²
Lake Marchant 2.5 km²
Lake Marian
Lake Mariana
Lake Marianette
Lake Marshall
Lake Matilda
Lake McIvor
Lake Mackenzie Along the Routeburn Track
Lake McKellar 1.0 km²
Lake Mike
Lake Minerva
Lake Mintaro
Lake Monk 1.7 km²
Lake Monowai 32.5 km²
Lake Moreton
Lake Mouat 1.5 km²
Lake Murihiku
Lake Ned
Lake Never-never
Lake Nigel
Lake Norma
Lake Norwest 1.0 km²
Lake Ogle
Lake Orbell
Lake Pan
Lake Paradise
Lake Percy
Lake Poteriteri 42.5 km²
Lake Pukutahi
Lake Purser
Lake Quill 0.53 km²
Lake Rakatu 1.0 km²
Lake Richter
Lake Rimmer
Lake Roe
Lake Ronald
Lake Ross
Lake Saint Patrick
Lake Scott
Lake Sheila Stewart Island
Lake Shirley
Lake Story
Lake Sumor
Lake Sutherland
Lake Swan
Lake Te Anau 352 km²
Lake Te Aroha
Lake Te Au 2.5 km²
Lake Thomas
Lake Thomas
Lake Thompson
Lake Thomson
Lake Troup
Lake Tuaraki
Lake Turner
Lake Ursula
Lake Victor
Lake Victoria
Lake Vincent
Lake Virginia
Lake Wade
Lake Wapiti
Lake Welcome
Lake Widgeon
Lake Wisely
Loch Maree
Long White Lagoon
Mirror Lakes
Misty Tarn
Moana Putakitaki Lagoon Stewart Island
Myth Tarn
North Mavora Lake 10.8 km²
Prong Lake
Rainbow Lake
Secretary Lake
Shallow Lake
Shy Lake
Skeleton Lakes
South Mavora Lake 1.2 km²
Sphinx Lake
Stump Lake
Swan Mere
Tauatemaku Lagoon Stewart Island
Tawera Tarn
Te Awatuiau Lagoon Stewart Island
Teardrop Lake
The Reservoir
Three Duck Lake
Three Lagoons
Trinity Lakes
Waitokariro Lagoon Stewart Island
Waituna Lagoon

Other islands

Chatham Islands

Chatham Islands
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Lake Huro
Lake Marakapia
Lake Pateriki
Lake Rakeinui
Lake Te Rangatapu
Lake Te Wapu
Rangitahi Lake
Te Whanga Lagoon
Tennant's Lake

Kermadec Islands

Kermadec Islands
Lake District Area Watershed Notes
Blue Lake, Raoul Island
Green Lake, Raoul Island

Ross Dependency

Ross Dependency
Lake Location Area Watershed Notes
Alph Lake Scott Coast Part of Alph River system
Lake Bonney McMurdo Dry Valleys 4.3 km² Endorheic lake
Lake Brownworth McMurdo Dry Valleys Glacial meltwater lake
Lake Chad McMurdo Dry Valleys Endorheic lake
Don Juan Pond McMurdo Dry Valleys 0.03 km² Hypersaline lake
Lake Fryxell McMurdo Dry Valleys 7.8 km² Endorheic lake
Lake Hoare McMurdo Dry Valleys 1.9 km² Endorheic lake
Howchin Lake Scott Coast Part of Alph River system
Mount Erebus Lava Lake Ross Island 0.01 km² Crater lake
Pyramid Pond Scott Coast
Trough Lake Scott Coast Part of Alph River system
Lake Vanda McMurdo Dry Valleys Endorheic lake
Lake Vida McMurdo Dry Valleys 6.8 km² Endorheic lake
Walcott Lake Scott Coast Part of Alph River system

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